My Mister (Korean Drama)
My Mister (Korean Drama)

Hallyu or the Korean Wave (as it is popularly known) is one phenomenon that requires no introduction. Beautifully presenting the amalgamation of the region’s traditional past and contemporary culture, it continues to win millions of hearts across continents. According to The Korea Times, Hallyu had to its claim more than 8.9 million fans worldwide in 2018. Apart from K-pop, which has a thriving audience base to its credit, K-dramas with some interesting plots and storylines have been on a rise in terms of popularity.

What contributes to the spread in their prominence is online streaming of content as facilitated by the names like Amazon. In fact, the issues like ‘geo-blocked content’ don’t affect the accessibility of Korean dramas with solutions like Amazon Prime VPN. So, here is a list of the must-watch Korean dramas that are streaming hot on Amazon Prime right now.

  1. Can You Hear My Heart (2011): This 2011 romantic drama stars actors Nam Goong Min, Kim Jae Won, and Hwang Jung Eum. The show narrates the story of Dong Joo, a man suffering from deafness. Initially, Joo hides his limitations to win Bong Woo Ri’s heart. However, as the girl learns about Dong Joo’s problem the two work together to find ways of communicating. The series was made keeping in mind the romance lovers and was an instant hit among them.
  2. Lie to Me (2011): Lie to Me was aired in mid-2011 and became a hit among the young audience almost instantly. Its fan base particularly consists of romance and comedy lovers. The show featured actors like Ji-Hwan Kang, Yun-hie Jo, Seung-su Ryu, and more. The romantic drama narrates the story of a woman who got jealous to see her friend steal and marry her first love. She lied that she is also married to a hotel president. Luckily, the hotel president also had reasons to go along with that lie. What transpired after that, made Lie to Me a great watch.
  3. Vampire Prosecutor (2011): This South-Korean television series was aired in 2011 and featured actors like Lee Young-ah, Yeon Jung-hoon, and Lee Won-jong. As its title suggests, the crime procedural drama takes the audience to the world of a vampire prosecutor. Min Tae-yeon, a head-prosecutor, turned into a vampire when a vampire bit him. The incident changed his life completely as he went on to use his special powers to solve mysteries, but without revealing his identity. This is a perfect series for thriller and crime drama lovers.
  4. The Lonely and Great God– Goblin (2016): This television series starring Lee Dong-wook, Gong Yoo, Yook Sung-jae, etc. was aired between December 2016 and January 2017. The fantasy drama was critically acclaimed and gained immense popularity among people of all ages. His role in the show helped Gong Yoo to win the Best Actor Award at the 54th Baeksang Arts Awards. Goblin says the story of Kim Shin, who is cursed to stay immortal and see his dear ones suffer. After enduring all the pain Kim Shin starts using his power to help people in distress. Eventually, the show reveals various facets of human relationships. The show was loved by all romance lovers.
  5. Hiru no Saint Zake (2016): Hiru no Saint Zake was a comedy TV series starring Shigeyuki Totsugi, TokioEmoto, and Akiko Yagi. The show went on air in 2016 and was based on Masayuki Kusumi’s essay named Hiru no Saint Shu. Hiru no Saint Zake tells the story of a salesperson named TakaukiUtsumi, who worked for an advertising agency. He is one of the worst employees his company has, which compels him to skip work from time to time. On one such occasion, Utsumi goes to the bathhouse and then visits a bar. The show was meant for comedy lovers.
  6. Terius Behind Me (2018): This romantic-comedy mystery starring So Ji-sub, Son Ho-jun, Im Se-mi, and Jung In-sun was aired in 2018. The show narrates the story of Go Ae-rin, a woman who lost her husband under mysterious circumstances. Go Ae-rin is assisted by Kim Bon, her neighbor, and a NIS agent, in her quest for the truth behind her husband’s death. Kim Bon also has a mysterious past. Three years back he was a part of an unsuccessful secret operation. The failure and the loss of the love of his life forced him to live an isolated life. The show is a perfect watch for romance and mystery lovers.
  7. The Best Hit (2017): The Best Hit, a Korean TV series also known as Hit the Top, was aired in 2017. The show featured actors like Yoon Shi-yoon, Kim Min-jae, Cha Tae-hyun, and Lee Se-young. This slice-of-life drama was made keeping romance and mystery lovers in mind. The Best Hit tells the story of time-traveling by pop star Yoo Hyun-Jae. Yoo Hyun-Jae time-travels to 2017 from 1993 and discovers that he disappeared mysteriously in 1994. He started investigating the case to find out the reason for his disappearance.
  8. Jumong (2006): Jumong is a historical period drama starring Han Hye-jin, Song Il-gook, Song Ji-Hyo, and Kim Seung-soo. This 2006 Korean TV series was aired to celebrate Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation’s 45th anniversary. The series introduced the audience to the life and times of Jumong, a hero who is bigger than even the great warriors Genghis Khan and Alexander. When in his early youth, Jumong used to be a weak and cowardly prince. However, his father’s assassination made him a stronger person and developed him into a skilled warrior. The show was made to thrill romance and action lovers.
  9. 100 Days My Prince (2018): This 2018 Korean TV series featured actors like Do Kyung-soo, Jo Han-chul, Kim Seon-ho, and Nam Ji-hyun. 100 Days My Prince is historical romantic-comedy series that narrates the story of Lee Yul, who is a close relative of the king and loves spending time playing instead of studying. He not only plays with children belonging to the higher strata of the society but also with peasants’ children. As the story unfolded, the audience got to see how the relationship between Yul and his friend changed. The series was a big hit among lovers of romance and historical drama.
  10. Devilish Charm (2018): Devilish Charm was a South-Korean TV series that aired in 2018. It told the story of a genius doctor suffering from a rare condition called Cinderella Memory Disorder. A person with this unique condition forgets the events taking place on the previous day once the clock strikes 12. As the story proceeds, the doctor meets Joo Gi-Bbeum, who used to be a popular actress but has lost the glory recently. They fall in love with each other. The show featured actors like Choi Jin-hyuk, Lee Ho-won, and Song Ha-yoon. The show was made for the fans of romance and comedy.