On March 14, 2021, the March Madness season will launch its newest season after missing the event last year. Remember that it was canceled due to the halt brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the health crisis is not over yet, the NCAA had successfully considered pushing through this event.

During the opening day, which is Selection Sunday, the NCAA committee will pick 68 teams across all divisions representing the NCAA Division 1 All Men’s Basketball Tournament. There will be a panel of distinguished representatives who will determine each collegiate school’s fate to appear in this year’s March Madness season.

The schools that got the highest winning percentages in the preseason games will surely earn a spot in the Selection Sunday. Not only that, but these teams might become the favorites to enter the FanDuel’s NCAA Final Four. That said, here are the top ten schools that topped each division that might surely dominate March Madness in the next two weeks.

Baylor Bears (Big 12)

The Big 12 Conference in the NCAA is known to be the home of the champions. Today, they got Baylor Bears as the top-seeded team for this group, who earned ten wins and a loss. In 2019, they appeared in the NCAA Round of 32 and had failed to enter the Sweet Sixteen. This time, Baylor Bears are looking to twist their fate, hoping to appear in the Final Four.

Houston Cougars (AAC)

The Houston Cougars are soaring and scoring in the American Athletic Conference earning thirteen wins and three losses. Last year, they were into the Sweet Sixteen rounds but had fallen short against Kentucky. Before Selection Sunday comes, they’ll have a closing game against Memphis, and if they win, they will have a clearer berth to this year’s NCAA slate.

Florida State Seminoles (Atlantic Coast)

The Florida State Seminoles headed to the Sweet 16 last season but got defeated by Gonzaga. In 2018, they also got a placement in the Elite Eight, but their efforts were not enough to climb in the Final Four. Today, this team is dominating the Atlantic Coast, garnering ten victories and three losses. Also, they are up to face Boston and Notre Dame this week before Selection Sunday comes.

Villanova Wildcats (Big East)

Another team that might get seeded in the Selection Sunday is the Villanova Wildcats. They are topping the Big East ranking earning thirteen wins. Last season, their fate wasn’t looking good as they only landed in the Second Round. They still have few remaining games to win this week against Creighton and Providence to secure their Selection Sunday appearance.

Michigan Wolverines (Big Ten)

Presently earning thirteen victories in Big Ten Conference, the Michigan Wolverines had reigned supreme today. They were into the Sweet 16 last season but were dispatched by Texas Tech, which ended their NCAA title dreams. This week, they are scheduled for a back-to-back game against Michigan State.

UCSB (Big West)

The Big West Conference got UC Santa Barbara Gauchos as the top seed team today. Like the teams mentioned above, they presently garnered thirteen victories. This team had their last NCAA appearance in 2011 and hoped to twist their fate this season. They still have two more games to accomplish before the Selection Sunday comes against Cal Poly.

UCLA Bruins (Pac-12)

With thirteen victories in the current NCAA season, UCLA Bruins are forming better March Madness dreams this year. If they turn down Oregon and UCS this week, they will surely earn a slot during the Selection Sunday. UCLA has been the Pac-12 Conference champions for many years, and they last appeared in the Finals in 1995 which they won the title.

Alabama Crimson Tide (SEC)

The Alabama Crimson Tide was last year’s SEC champs, and they are topping again this year. They have accomplished fifteen wins and are among the groups who earned the most number of victories in the 2021 March Madness preseason games. They are surely getting a slot in the Selection Sunday once they conquered their two remaining games against Georgia and Auburn.

Gonzaga Bulldogs (WCC)

The Gonzaga Bulldogs performed huge last NCAA season who became a threat to all schools participating in March Madness. They headed to the Elite 8, but Texas Tech remained solid, which caused their biggest upset. Today, they are the top-seeded team in the West Coast Conference, earning fifteen victories and remained undefeated.


For a team to earn a sure slot in Selection Sunday, they must gain enough if not the highest winning percentage in the preseason. Now that the 2021 March Madness season is about to launch in the next two weeks with stricter health protocols, every team who wants to be part of the final 68 are hustling hard.

Therefore, the groups mentioned above lead their respective conference race and might be this March Madness biggest threat. Make sure to get updated with these groups as one of them might end up earning the NCAA title this year.