Are you a foreign student in Korea or are you considering getting an education there? Well, learning a new language is not going to be an easy task. You’ll need to dedicate hours of your time to attending lectures, and reading books that will help you understand the Korean language. You may even need to seek out thesis helpers if you’re a Ph.D. student studying in a foreign land. However, learning the Korean language doesn’t have to be difficult. There are many educational Korean shows that you can watch if you want to become a fluent speaker in a few months. These shows are fun and engaging but they help you understand the language faster than reading boring books on your own.

Top 3 Educational Korean Shows For Learning The Korean Language

Pick Up Food Vocabulary In Coffee Prince

Since 2007, Coffee Prince has been one of the most popular Korean dramas in the world. It isn’t just loved by those in Asia but by people across cultures. It is a love story about two main characters, Choi Han-Gyul, Casanova, and Go Eun-Chan, a tomboy from a poor home. The boy, Choi Han-Gyul, has no interest in the family business which is run by his grandmother, a food magnet. However, he meets Eun-Chan, who he initially thinks is a boy. Eventually, they become friends and he starts developing feelings for her. This drama is particularly good for people who are interested in learning about Korean words and expressions related to food and beverages. You’ll subconsciously pick up new Korean words and start making sentences in no time.

Learn Declarative Phrases In Boys Over Flowers

Another amazing Korean educational drama is Boys Over Flowers. It exposes you to the class system in Korea. It’s a teen drama that revolves around two people, Go Jun-Pyo, the heir of an empire and the leader of the F4 gang of rich kids who falls in love with the lowly daughter of a dry cleaner who is on scholarship in his family’s school. Both of them had to overcome several obstacles throughout the story until they finally end up together. You will learn how to use common action verbs, Korean structures, declarative phrases, and words for expressing emotions such as happiness, fear, anger, etc. It’s an interesting drama that allows you to learn new Korean words and construct phrases effectively.

Learn Daily Expressions In Heirs

The plot of Heirs is similar to the plot of Boys Over Flowers. It’s about a rich and entitled Korean boy from one of the chaebol families who is sent to America by his parents because he could not abide by the rules of society in the country. Eventually, he meets a girl from a modest background and this is where things get interesting. The boy’s name is Kim Tan and the girl is Cha Eun-Sang. As she and Tan become close, she is forced to go back to Korea by Tan’s girlfriend. Tan, returns to Korea to look for her. The words, daily expressions, and idioms from this drama will help jump-start your studies. You’ll also learn a lot about how the Korean language is significantly influenced by the codes of perceived hierarchy and power play.

These are three of the best educational Korean dramas that can help you increase your vocabulary in a fun and entertaining way. When you’re watching these dramas, focus on the plots, and use Korean subtitles. English subtitles aren’t going to help you learn fast. Also, use FluentU to convert video clips to customized lessons. When you don’t understand a scene, play it over and over again for clarity. You can read about each drama on Drama Wiki to get a clear idea of the plot before you start watching. This will help you understand the story faster so that you can focus on the language rather than the plot.

There are many online platforms where you can watch these dramas but the most common and accessible is Netflix. If you’re using Netflix, keep in mind that it may not contain a vast collection of specialized Korean content like streaming sites that are created specifically for that purpose.

Most importantly, you need to keep an open mind and believe in yourself. No matter how many dramas you watch and how many language lessons you take, you’ll never make progress if you don’t keep an open mind and believe in yourself. You’ll end up abandoning your project. It may be difficult at first but it will become easier with consistency and determination.