If you want to unleash your creativity and try new exciting things, a 3D printer is a device you need. It can provide great aid in your hobbies and even bring some extra money. Today, it’s easy for a beginner to find a 3D printer since it is becoming more and more affordable. In this article, we’ll tell you why you should get a 3D printer for home use.

Educational purposes

3D printer at home can not only be of great domestic help but also a perfect way to keep your kid from constantly playing video games, binge-watching TV shows, browsing social media and simply wasting time. 3D printing can become a productive hobby for your growing kid and a great opportunity to make your relationship stronger. Of course, it’s up to you to keep your child excited about their new hobby. Come up with fun 3D projects, such as printing gifts for friends and family, decorative items or LEGO parts.

Today, there are great many technical creativity clubs and project groups. Children who participate in such activities are happy to plunge into the world of science and technology and change their life priorities. Learning how to handle 3D equipment and how to use 3D modeling programs can be a great addition to your child’s skills, which will be very useful in the future.

As for self-education – it is never too late to start a new career. If you master digital modeling and 3D printing, you can get a foot in the door of a new relevant high-potential profession. Many companies integrate 3D printing in their production processes, so professionals in this field are always in strong demand.

Domestic help and home decoration

A 3D printer will without a doubt be useful in maintenance of household appliances. Let us give you an example: let’s say your dishwasher has broken down, and one day enter the kitchen just to see a huge puddle on the floor instead of spotlessly clean dishes. This can happen due to leakage in the circulation pump. It would take about an hour to make a model and print the broken part. Having it fixed in a maintenance service would be much more expensive and take way more time.

As for interior design, you can find numerous 3D models for a variety of units – vases, lamps, figurines, kitchen utensils and much more – online. Thousands of models are featured on such web-sites as Thingiverse. If the Internet can’t satisfy your printing needs, you can also make a digital model yourself. There are many 3D modeling courses and tutorials online as well.

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Hobbies and inventions

Scale modeling. In my opinion, having a 3D printer at home is a must for scale modeling enthusiasts. A printer can become indispensable in model making.

Cosplay. 3D printing is quickly gaining popularity among cosplayers. Conventions and festivals are full of people in 3D-printed costumes and accessories.

Airsoft. Every airsoft fan knows too well how expensive spare parts, weapon attachments, and accessories are. A 3D printer can be a solution to this problem – you can print anything from tactical rail, handguards and handles to fasteners, gear components and much more.

Many people already use 3D printers in their “home workshops”, so they can create objects which you can’t buy in a random store. A 3D printer can make your ideas come to life – from unique home decorations to your own inventions.

Extra money

You can make money using 3D printers. For most, it’s the main reason to invest in 3D printing. 3D printers make it possible to print small-batches and carry out single-piece production of unique parts and models.

Here are some examples:

  • You can print 3D printers using a 3D printer – and this is more of a business idea than a joke. Of course, it would be impossible to print out a whole 3D printer, but you can easily produce assembly parts, fasteners and elements of construction. The demand for spare parts in 3D printing is rather high, as there are quite a few people who assemble 3D printers themselves.
  • Printing custom parts and models. Ordering spare parts from manufacturers can be very expensive, delivery can take a long time, so many repair workshops turn to 3D printing. It is also possible to produce custom interior decorations, badges and insignias, one of a kind promotional merchandise for different businesses, restaurants, small companies, etc.
  • Prototyping and printing of architectural models. 3D printing is in very strong demand in this field, as it makes the process cheaper and faster. Though it is quite challenging to find clients, since the majority of manufacturers already use 3D printing technologies in production, it is still possible to partner up with a smaller firm.

3D printers have already gained the reputation of one of the greatest inventions of the century. Many people find it trendy to have high-tech 3D technology at home and have fun with 3D printing. It is almost like owning expensive gadgets such as the latest iPhone, Google Glass or VR helmet.

Our houses are filled to the brim with various devices and gadgets, so why not buy a 3D printer as well? After all, owning a 3D printer “just for fun” can turn into an exciting hobby any day.