If you’ve successfully made the switch from smoking to vaping, you should feel great about yourself. You’ve accomplished what many smokers never do – you’ve quit. After you’ve been vaping for a while, though, you may eventually reach a point at which you begin to wonder if you’ll actually be able to stick with it. You’ll find that vaping doesn’t satisfy you quite as much as it used to, and you won’t quite be able to identify the reason. Have you reached that point? It might be time for you to move past your initial pre-filled e-cigarette or pod system and explore the other things that the world of vaping has to offer. Is it time for you to buy a new vaping device from someone like V2 E-Cigs UK? These are the signs that it’s time for an upgrade.

You Want to Experience New Flavors

Are you using a vaping system with pre-filled cartridges or pods? Regardless of the number of flavors available for your current vaping device, those flavors probably aren’t going to appeal to you forever. You can only vape so many mango pods before the experience starts to become a little stale. That’s why people tend to choose refillable devices when they move on from their first vaping starter kits – because they want to start buying bottled e-liquids and experiencing the other flavors that are out there. There are hundreds of different e-liquid flavors in the world, but you’ll only experience a few of them if you’re using a vaping device that you can’t fill yourself. If you have trouble choosing which pack of cartridges or pods to buy for your current vaping device because none of them seem that exciting anymore, you’re probably ready for a new device.

You Want to Spend Less to Vape

The vaping devices that companies market to beginners – devices like JUUL and Vuse – seem like good deals on the surface because the starter kits are so inexpensive. The cartridges or pods for those systems, however, are barely less expensive than tobacco cigarettes – and they aren’t less expensive at all if you use more than one pod per day. Closed-system vaping kits are inexpensive because they use proprietary cartridges or pods. The kits are practically free because the makers of those devices earn their profits later selling the refills.

Refillable vaping devices, on the other hand, have a business model that’s reversed. You’ll pay a little more upfront for a refillable device, but your long-term costs will be much lower because you’ll be buying bottled e-liquids rather than pre-filled cartridges or pods. How much money will you save? Think of it this way. A pack of four JUUL pods contains less than 4 ml of e-liquid. A standard bottle of nicotine salt vape juice contains 30 ml of e-liquid and can, therefore, fill the equivalent of more than 30 JUUL pods. If you extrapolate those savings over a year, you can imagine that switching to a refillable vaping system can potentially save you an enormous amount of money.

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You Want to Vape Longer Between Battery Charges

If you’ve been using your first vaping device for a while, you might notice that it doesn’t seem to last as long on a battery charge as it once did. You’ll get better battery life if you buy a new device with a fresh battery, but let’s face it; your device’s battery never lasted that long in the first place. How can it? The typical small pod vaping system has a battery capacity of just 200 mAh. A vape pen, on the other hand, usually has a battery capacity of around 1,000-2,000 mAh. A full-sized mod may have a battery capacity of up to 5,000 mAh. Many owners of larger mods find that they have absolutely no trouble using their devices all day without recharging them. If you’d like to use a vaping device that truly lasts all day, you’re ready for an upgrade.

You Want to Taste Your E-Liquid – Not Nicotine

Upgrading to a larger refillable vaping device doesn’t just mean that you’ll enjoy a wider flavor selection and better battery life; it also means that you’ll enjoy much larger vapor clouds than what you’re getting out of your current device. Since you’ll be inhaling significantly more e-liquid, you’ll likely want to begin using e-liquid with a lower nicotine strength. The most common nicotine strength for JUUL pods, for example, is 59 mg/ml. Among those who use powerful mods with refillable tanks, though, the most popular nicotine strength is just 3 mg/ml. That’s a huge difference in nicotine content.

When you make that switch, however, you won’t feel like you’re getting less nicotine overall because you’ll be using much more e-liquid than you do presently. Switching to a high-power mod will change your vaping experience in two crucial ways:

  • You’ll begin inhaling the vapor differently. Most large vaping tanks are designed for direct-to-lung inhaling; the smooth, open airflow is part of what allows them to generate such enormous clouds. If you’ve already experimented with direct lung hits with your current vaping device in an attempt to get it to produce bigger clouds, you’re probably going to love using a tank designed for that inhaling style.
  • You’ll feel almost no throat hit when vaping. The e-liquid that you’re probably using now is a higher-nicotine e-liquid that hits your throat and lungs almost like cigarette smoke would. If your e-liquid is strong enough, the peppery nicotine actually becomes part of the flavor that you taste when vaping. When you use a low-strength e-liquid, though, you won’t really taste or feel the nicotine at all. As mentioned above, your body won’t feel like you’re cutting back on nicotine because you’ll be using much more e-liquid than you currently do. You won’t, however, feel a throat hit when you inhale. Instead, you’ll enjoy a much more flavor-forward vaping experience because the nicotine will no longer be part of your e-liquid’s flavor profile.