Many Korean celebrities are actually quite smart. Nobody thinks that a celebrity could be a genius as well. Maybe because those who play a pivotal role in showbiz are perceived as unintelligent. Most of the time, we assume that what we see in showbiz is all there is to know about a celebrity. There are many borderline genius Korean actors you didn’t know about.

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Let’s look at the four smartest Korean actors today.

Actress Honey Lee

The 2006 Miss Korea is definitely one with a sexy brain. She graduated from the prestigious Seoul National University, where she pursued an undergraduate in Korean traditional music. Many would think studying music is a walk in the pack, but it’s not, especially if it’s cultural music.

Honey Lee is the depiction of beauty and brains. Today she holds a master’s degree in Korean traditional music. The prestigious Kumho art Centre even named her Gayageum prodigy because of her beautiful playing skils.

Born in 1993, she’s a thriving model, gayageum player, musician, beauty pageant titleholder as young as 26. As an actress, she’s featured in many popular movies, television series, and comedy series, as well.

She’s popularly known for the role she played in the 2009 series, The Partner, where she acted as a femme fatale lawyer. This year, she was part of the movie Extreme Job which is the second most popular and successful film in Korea at the moment.

Actress Kim Tae Hee

Kim Tae Hee is yet another smart Korean actress. She was known to score straight A throughout middle school. Thanks to her excellent performance, she got accepted to Seoul University, which is among the most prestigious universities in Korea.

Unlike Honey Lee, she pursued a degree in fashion design, textile, and merchandising. When people think about a smart celebrity with a pretty face, the first name that usually comes to their mind is Kim’s.

Born in 1980, Kim is just a few years older than Honey Lee. She was discovered by an advertising agency as a young kid. Even before she made her first appearance on television as an actress in 2001, she was already in tv commercials.

Referred to as one of Korea’s most beautiful women, it’s no surprise that she featured in a tv series called My Princess in 2011. However, her rise to stardom is attributed to the role she played as an evil stepsister in a 2003 television series called Stairway to Heaven. Kim Tae Hee won a Top Excellence Acting award in 2015 thanks to the role she played in the tv series, Yong-pal.

Song Joong Ki

“뇌섹남” (nue-saek-nam) is a popular slang in Korea today, and it translates to a man with a sexy brain. The recent trend in Korea that emphasizes celebrities’ intelligence puts Song Joong Ki at the top of the list.

Song Joong Ki rose to fame thanks to Sungkyunkwan Scandal, which was a historical drama that aired in 2010. As a kid, he was smart yet so shy, and his parents enrolled him in acting classes to boost his confidence. He later found out that acting was actually his strong suit.

Im Siwan

Last but definitely not least, we have the phenomenal Im Siwan, who’s also part of a nine-piece boy band called Ze:A. Before the fame, Im Siwan was studying mechanical engineering, and he’s known for his ability to solve a rubrix cube in less than 40 seconds.

Born in 1988, Im legally changed his surname from Woong-jae to Si-wan. His debut was as a member of the nine-piece boy band with their first Ep dabbed Nativity. His first acting role was in the 2012 tv series, Moon Embracing the Sun. Later in the year, he secured a role in Main from the Equator, which was a revenge drama. He has since played numerous roles in different films and won awards through the years.


There you have it, proof that celebrities can be exceptionally intelligent and smart.