Digital society has given us a new phenomenon. Never has a person been under so much surveillance as it is nowadays. Our daily routine can be tracked with precision up to a few meters. We check in our travel cards when we use public transport, cameras on the road pinpoint the location of our car an even when we go for a stroll, CCTV cameras never sleep. But there is always another way to track our position almost perfectly. It is always in our pocket or in our purse. It is our cellphone. And would you believe it, there are actually a few ways to track your phone

Viruses and Hardware chips

With the coming of the internet, we got access to a lot of free information and entertainment, people all over the world could get to know each other. But the internet brought some harmful things too. One of them is malware. Computer viruses have been spreading through the internet and stealing information, mining cryptocurrency and making a lot of people irritated. Once actual computer-like smartphones have become common, viruses were created for them as well. Phone viruses can be used to track the location of a person if the phone has a GPS device or is connected to the internet. Apart from that, there are hardware methods: small chips that can be installed into the phone to track its position and often to overhear some talks. If you have such a chip, well, most probably some secret agency is interested in you or the manufacturer decided to get some more profits on the contextual advertising.

Special Apps

If you have access to the person’s smartphone, you can install some special apps that will make it possible to track the person’s phone, This is extremely useful for kids so that you always know where they are or you can track the phone they’ve lost, however, if you want to secretly follow someone, this method is farfetched because the person will see an unknown app installed on his phone and will become suspicious.  Worst case scenario, he may remember who had his phone and will start asking uncomfortable questions.

A Novel Way to Track a Cell Without Installations

Firstly, this method only works if you have an iPhone, with android, you’ll still have to download this app for both devices but you can actually hide the icon in an Android, unlike iOs. Now, to the method. A new startup has managed to track the iPhone if you know the Apple ID of the device you want to track. You install the app on your phone –  it’s called mSpy  – and insert the login and password. Once you are done, you can track the iPhone on the other device through this app. It works for Android devices as well but as I’ve said, you’ll have to install the app on both devices previously. This startup is similar to the default “find my phone” and “find iPhone” functions but it has more features. For example, you can see the recent movements of your phone, form a daily routine and look at some statistics.

If You Don’t have a Smartphone

There are a lot of people who don’t believe in using smartphones and use simpler button-type cells.  Is it possible to track those? Sure! If the device isn’t ancient it probably has a GPS feature anyway. You can register it on one of a number of special GPS tracking sites. Then you simply login and you can look up the current position of your phone on the map. However, whether it is worth paying 6-10$ a month for the site to keep record remains a question.