With over 330 million monthly active users, Twitter is one of the leading social networking sites in the world. One can easily capitalize on this enormous audience by adopting a useful marketing strategy for their ads and pages.

However, applying such strategies independent of external help is highly unlikely to provide you with the results you seek. In order to achieve the level of engagement from users that you would like, we recommend that you make use of certain Twitter tools.

These tools will help you to analyze and increase user engagement with your page and your Tweets. You can also make use of sites like Viralyft, GetViral.io, and SocialPackages.net to buy Twitter followers. Going a step further, you can choose to buy Twitter likes from the same sites.

These sites use genuine accounts instead of bots to follow your page and like your Tweets. This protects your account from getting banned. However, do make sure that the number of followers and likes grow organically, instead of ordering them in large numbers.

Apart from the sites mentioned, here are some tools that can assist you in your Twitter marketing strategies so that your Tweets get maximum engagement.


Tweriod is a tool that gives you information about the best times when you should Tweet. The tool analyses data from your followers’ accounts to chalk out times when they are most active and hence, would engage more with your Tweets.

It provides you with statistical data on which hours your followers are the most active, depending on the day of the week. Such data can help you make your own schedule for creating your Tweets so that you can post them at the right time.


An important aspect of social media that one must incorporate in their Tweets is hashtags. Using the right hashtags will increase the chances of your Tweets being seen by users whose interests align with the product or service that you are advertising.

This leads to a rise in the number of your followers as more and more new users see your Tweets. RiteTag is a tool that you can use for this purpose. It provides you with suggestions for hashtags that can accompany your content to maximize the chances for your discoverability.

You can also compare different hashtags pertaining to the same topics to get a better idea about which hashtag would lead to more twitter engagement.


Hootsuite is an all-encompassing marketing tool that helps you monitor and analyze audience engagement on your Tweets. You can also share videos, pictures, and GIFs from the site itself.

Another useful aspect of the site is that it allows you to schedule your messages and Tweets in one go. Using this, you wouldn’t need to send messages and post Tweets in real-time and individually. You can just keep some time apart once a week and schedule everything.

This tool drastically reduces the time you spend on Twitter, and after all, time is money!

Hootsuite has numerous other features that help you to work. These allow you to filter out distractions and engage more meaningfully with your audience, monitor account activity from any device at any time, and track your performance with regards to your business goals.

Audiense Connect

Customizing your Tweets to suit your audience is bound to provide you with much better engagement. For this purpose, you should use Audiense Connect, which is a tool that helps you understand your audience.

This tool collects data and analyses your target audience, in order to help you create audience-centric marketing strategies. Audiense Connect works with you from the start to the end of the marketing process, aiding you through all the different steps in between.

It also provides results soon after you start using it, and hence saves your time in addition to providing you with valuable information. This helps you to publicize your products and services. The plans that are available on the site are also quite affordable.


Trends are short-lived topics that experience a sudden growth in popularity. Tweeting on such topics while they are still trending will help increase your audience. trends24 is a marketing tool that eases the process of finding topics that are trending.

You can use this site to track trending topics throughout the day which are listed according to their popularity. It also shows you the number of Tweets that are posted against each hashtag.

The site is free for all, and you can filter trends based on geographical locations, including countries and major cities. The lists are divided based on how many hours they have been trending on Twitter.

The site also provides the option of a cloud view which displays a tag cloud of the most talked-about trends on Twitter.

Enhance your Twitter account using these 5 tools, and make the most of this social media. These tools can assist you in multiple ways, and make your life much easier. Now you don’t have to sit with your phone or laptop throughout the day, just to keep your account active.

These sites are easily accessible and don’t require you to engage in any prior training to make the most of them. Outsource your work to such tools and use the extra time you get in the best way you can. Happy Tweeting!