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If you are now working from home, you are going to be on your computer a lot more often. You will have sensitive information and access to work files from your personal devices. This means that you have the responsibility of taking care of them and making sure that they are secure. While this can sound like a lot, there are actually some simple ways you can secure your computer for work and personal use.

Anti-Virus Software is Still Essential

With new technology out all the time, people are forgetting that anti-virus software is still necessary. New viruses are created every day that are dangerous for your computer. Some may only slow it down. But others can be malicious and steal your sensitive information too. Anti-virus software is going to lower the risk of this happening by checking your files and everything you download.

Use a VPN

A VPN or a virtual private network, can help your data stay private when you are online. The purpose of a VPN is to make you anonymous when you are browsing. Essentially you become untraceable and this makes it difficult to hack or locate you. Therefore, you can help to secure your computer by choosing a reliable VPN to download.

Watch the Websites You Visit

You should always be suspicious of the new websites you enter. Unfortunately, not everybody is out to help on your worldwide web. This can make your computer vulnerable. Make sure that you do your research before using a website. For example, if you want to watch movies, choose a reputable name you have heard of. If you want to participate in legal online gambling, Google the best casinos before playing.

Update Your Computer Regularly

It can be tempted to delay a computer update until another day. But you should always update your computer when there is new software available. This can contain security updates that are important for protecting your data. So, when you see a notification pop up on your screen, take a break and let it download and install. You may be thankful for doing this later on.

Ensure You Have Difficult Passwords

We all know that you should make passwords as difficult to guess as possible. But people still ignore this device. But if you really want to secure your computer, start adding capitals, numbers, and symbols to your passwords. This is going to make them hard to guess.

You also want to ensure that you use different passwords for various websites. This is going to help if someone manages to find out one of your passwords. They are not going to be able to access other sites.

It can be difficult to remember all of your passwords. This is why a lot of people make them the same. But you can always use a secure password manager. This is going to remember and enter them into the website when you are signing in so that you do not have to remember the password in your head.