7 First Kisses (Korean Drama)
7 First Kisses (Korean Drama)

7 First Kisses (aka. “First Kiss for the Seventh Time”) is a Korean Web Drama produced for Lotte Duty-Free, starring Lee Joon Gi, Park Hae Jin, Ji Chang Wook, Kai, Taecyeon, Lee Jong Suk, and Lee Min Hoo.

This is an eight-episode fantasy web drama starring (Lee Cho Hee) as a woman that that has never had a boyfriend. So far nothing new, but then a goddess (Choi Ji Woo) decides to add spice to a lazy life because in most instances a woman would go out and date. However, Lotte wanted to attract attention to their cast of “house actors” and what better way than to get them to kiss a beautiful woman in desperate need of attention. Naturally, all the men the Goddess offered were not successful businessmen, scientists, doctors, or average “Joes,” these were all sexy successful in real life as actors and musician hunks.

This is a fluff series, created to promote Lotte Duty-Free and aimed at susceptible young women and sporty young men seeking their way in life. The series is based around seven stories; each story involves one lead man cast to act with the main lead actress.

The desperate young lady must date each man, and then decide which one she wants. OMG, this sounds just like so many other TV series and reality shows that no wonder it worked.

To be honest, it did work. There is a lot of comedy, romance, and suspense, and you are left waiting to find out which young hunk she chose. I also have to state that the acting was top notch and the concept, while old, was not worn or boring, which is a fine example of how good screenwriting can transform a banal concept into something cute.

Note that each actor is cast into his own identity and role, which is the twist on this series and is what made it so likable. The only unbelievable part is that someone as pretty as Lee Cho-Hee would not have a date in real life just doesn’t add up.

The full leading cast is:

Lee Cho-hee as Min Soo-jin

Choi Ji-woo as Goddess (Ep. 1, 7)

Lee Joon-gi as Lee Joon-gi (Ep. 1-2)

Park Hae-jin as Park Hae-jin (Ep. 2-3)

Ji Chang-Wook as Ji Chang-Wook (Ep. 3-4)

Kim Jongin as Kai (Ep. 4-5)

Ok Taec-yeon as Ok Taec-yeon (Ep. 5-6)

Lee Jong-suk as Lee Jong-suk (Ep. 6-7)

Lee Min-ho as Lee Min-ho (Ep. 8)