We all have heard that nothing in this world is for free. Everything has a cost. It has been said right: “If you’re not paying for the product, then you’re the product.” That is why you can never trust any site which offers anything for free. Free software downloading sites can prove to be dangerous. Visiting such site can smother you up in downloading viruses and malware which can affect your data and system.

A good anti-virus suite or internet security suite can protect you from malware and viruses but avoiding unreliable and unknown sources is the best practice. Sticking to tried and true sites that are committed to providing security services to its users is the most suitable decision.

How to judge if a site is harmless?

There are certain tools available which can help you measure the credibility of a site. And these tools also helped us in creating this list of harmless software downloading sites:

The sites that qualify for the list has a minimum score of 90% at Web of Trust and 35/36 with URLVoid. No site can ever be totally safe but these sites are the safest and secure.


WOT’s score: 93%
URLVoid Score: 36/36

Softpedia is arguably the biggest file host over the internet with a wide database of 850,000 files. Hundreds of which files are updated on a regular basis, which makes them a not only virus or malware free but also are the most recent versions of the files.

Softpedia’s own list of top Freeware picks is a great place to start looking for your desirable software. You will find many high rated programs which might come in handy with your tasks.

Download Crew:

WOT’s score: 91%
URLVoid Score: 36/36

Despite its complicated website, Download crew is worth paying a visit to get your self-quality free software. They provide a short informative review about every program available on the platform which explains the pros and cons of the program.

Do you want to find yourself some really cool programs? Start with Download Crew’s “Most Popular Downloads” list. They have almost all the useful programs for Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS.


WOT’s Score: 94%
URLVoid Score: 36/36

It’s possible that some of you are not familiar with Ninite. But it is one of its kind. And has a very user-friendly interface. Ninite provides a list of programs divided into different categories for free downloads. The best thing about Ninite is that it provides the facility for creating a custom file through which you can bundle the programs of your choice. And can download them all together in bulk.

A malware-free downloading link is as important as a secure internet connection. A secure internet connection can also save you from great many trouble. For a reliable and secure connection, Spectrum Communications has my faith. Spectrum Internet, phone and cable deals are not just cost-effective but also are efficient and secure.


WOT’s score: 93%

URLVoid Rating: 36/36

The site may give an impression of the ’90s but is a very effective platform. MajorGeeks is on the top of charts for 15 years for most reputable software download sites. You know it instantly that the site is credible when thousands of users are relying on its services.

Its list of Top Freeware picks gives you a great headstart to look for desirable programs.


WOT’s Score: 91%
URLVoid Score: 36/36

FileHorse is not a big resource as the others that are mentioned above in the list. The site is mainly focused on stocking the best and most useful software on its platform. They make sure that all the available programs are malware and virus free. It also contains the best alternatives to popular programs for free.


WOT’s Score: 90%
URLVoid Score: 36/36

SnapFile is a little different from other software download sites. The best thing I like about SnapFiles is that it highlights “Daily Freeware Pick” on its homepage. If you visit the site on a regular basis you will find very useful and handy tools for yourself.


WOT’s Score: 93%
URLVoid Score: 36/36

FileHippo is a very big platform with 20,000 active programs divided into sixteen categories. It offers an update checker program which performs a thorough scan of the tour system and checks all the current programs to see if any of them require to be updated.


WOT’s Score: 92%
URLVoid Score: 36/36

This web-based service is a hosting community for thousands of programmers and software fans. As you might have got the idea from the name, DonationCoder takes proud in providing free and secure software downloading service in exchange for nothing but donations.

The flaw of the site is that you will only find utilities produced by DonationCoder. That is why the repository is limited and small.


WOT’s Score: 90%
URLVoid Score: 36/36

FilePuma shares a great many similarities with FileHippo. But FilePuma is far way better in its categorization and is quite friendly to browse than that of FileHippo. It also offers its own detector program to keep your downloaded software up to date.

These platforms have been tested by several and are major players of the free software downloading service providers. If you want to get yourself a program free of all the online malware then give these platforms a chance. I hope the article would have been of great help to all of you.

Author Bio: Saira A is a content strategist at Spectrum Voice and has keen interest in technology and sports. She absolutely enjoys educating people out of her experience. She is constantly writing to enable her readers to achieve their set goals in SEO, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, PPC, SMM and Affiliate Marketing.