That’s a fact that videos using animation have long been a trend toolset for marketers and it is not talked about for the first year, then not everyone knows about an integral part of its design – animation character development. Although it is precisely this part of the work of creating a successful promo or an exclusive explainer video that accounts for the lion’s share of success.

A Right Animation Character Choice – What’s Its Influence On the Society

The task of any animated video is to direct the public’s curiosity and focus it on important things for the creator. It can be an idea or a material value, the company itself producing these tangible and intangible benefits, a specific person, or even just a concept of your future deal. In any case, these characters place the accents.

If a character that has been developed for your video content is:

• Original and recognizable;

• Compliant with the spirit of the company or product it represents;

• Vivid and expressive in terms of tools suitable for animation;

• Causing empathy and trust of the audience;

• Encouraging their appearance and actions to purchase or to get acquainted closer with the brand or idea;

• Able to influence a wide target audience;

• In general, creating a positive image of the company,

Then consider that your visual content is guaranteed to be a win.

To achieve such a combination of qualities in one hero is within the power of specialists in the development of animated characters. They are not just masters of graphic design and animation effects. In many ways, their work is the action combination of a psychologist, a storyteller and an artist – three-in-one. This is partly why not one pro is involved in the animation characters’ development, but a team that can create a fundamentally new animated product and at the same time comply with all the basic requirements for the character.

A professional studio of animation characters’ development will not only undertake the execution of a technical task for developing animation characters but will also develop every little thing, from the style of sketches to the “firm” character traits or actions, thanks to which he will acquire personality traits. If you take a look at the Darvideo portfolio, you’ll see examples of animated characters that have become the pride of our company. Do you want the same animated ambassador for your brand? Then call us!

Author’s bio: Jane Kinburn, the project manager in Darvideo since 2017. The person who manages animation projects and writes exclusive insider articles about the animation process for the common people.