ASUS is one of the most prominent brand names in the industry when it comes to PCs, laptops, and other devices within that market. ASUS is a well-trusted brand when it comes to their products. They also cater to all budgets, making sure that they cover a broad base of customers.

ASUS is also known for its gaming PC rigs and laptops. This is due to their catalog of some of the most advanced and high-end gaming products that you can get your hands on today. Speaking of high-end gaming, since online gaming has become the standard in that industry, high-speed routers have also become quite in demand.

This wasn’t lost on the company as ASUS is also one of the best brands when it comes to routers. For those casual customers, ASUS also offers some excellent routers that balance performance and price. One of the ASUS router’s distinguishing feature is its compatibility with third-party custom firmware.

This is not something you will often see with most routers. So, if you prefer using custom firmware like DD-WRT or OpenWRT, ASUS routers are some of your best bets.

This dedication in providing their customers with the best possible experience further cemented ASUS’ reputation as one of the premier names in this market. Now that you are adequately acquainted with ASUS, it is time to take a look at their best routers to date.

The Best ASUS Routers in the Market Today

Below are four of the best ASUS routers of 2019. We covered routers from different price brackets to cover everyone’s preferred budget. Check our list of the top ASUS routers.


The ASUS RT A87U uses 5GHz band speeds and an 802.11ac wireless protocol, which pushes its performance above most expectations. This router can clock internet speeds of up to 2,334 Mbps.

That tremendous speed quickly makes it a perfect fit for 4K gaming and online streaming.

This device also features 4×4 MU-MIMO support. The antennas utilize beamforming AiRadar technology for a considerably stronger signal range. Some of the noteworthy features in the ASUS RT AC87U includes parental controls and AiProtection security encryption.

Setting up the RT AC87U is also a breeze as its interface is designed with “plug and play” programs. With its feature-rich configuration, high-speed internet connection, impressive range, and sleek design, the ASUS RT AC87U earns its place as one of the best ASUS routers today.

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One of the most advanced routers that ASUS has in its arsenal is the RT-AX88U. This one incorporates the relatively new 802.11ax protocol, which might very well be the latest wireless standard in a year or two.

With its 802.11ax wireless protocol in tow, the RT-AX88U is designed to deliver blistering speeds of up to 4.8 Gbps. It is also designed to reduce network bottlenecks when connected to several devices at once. This capability alone makes the RT-AX88U a highly sought-after router for serious online gamers and streamers.

Within the RT-AX88U is a superbly powerful 1.8 GHz quad-core CPU. It also comes with 1GB of RAM and 256MB internal flash memory. This dual-band router can reach up to 1.2Gbps with the 2.4GHz channel and a maximum of 4.8Gbps with the 5GHz channel.

The router settings can be configured using either the web browser client or the ASUS mobile app. The mobile app won’t feature all the settings but will include all basic control functionalities.

The RT-AX88U reaches its peak potential when paired with Wi-Fi 6 devices. All in all, this is an extremely powerful router that will provide you with seamless internet connectivity and a lag-free gaming experience.


The ASUS AC3100 is one that we highly recommend for gamers. This router was designed with features to help improve your online gaming experience.

One such unique feature is the “WTFast Game Accelerator” that reduces ping and latency during online gaming sessions.

This router utilizes 4T4R antennas, which boost the Wi-Fi range up to a radius covering 5,000 square feet. Within the inner workings of the unit lies the current wireless standard, 802.11ac. It also supports MU-MIMO technology that allows users to focus its signal towards a specific device.

This is a dual-band router whose 2.4GHz band speed can reach 1,000 Mbps easily. It’s 5GHz channel doubles that at 2,100 Mbps. Again, if you are looking for a router designed specifically for online gaming, then few can touch ASUS AC3100 in this category.

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ASUS Dual-Band AC1300

If you are looking for a budget-friendly ASUS router that still delivers excellent performance, you should check out the Dual-Band AC1300. This is a barebones router that features all the essential features you will need. It is currently below $100 (around $50 last time I checked) and is simply a well-rounded router designed for home use.

This router is designed specifically for only a few connected devices. If more than half a dozen devices use this router, you can expect some apparent dip in performance.

As a dual-band router, users will gain access to both 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels. Combined, you can expect speeds to reach 1,267 Mbps, this is an impressive achievement for a router within this price range.

The AC1300 comes with MU-MIMO support and beamforming technology. This should boost its signals way above its “pay grade.”

This router also comes with LAN ports and Gigabit LAN connection support. Additionally, you can even convert this router into a signal repeater. Overall, the ASUS AC1300 is a fantastic router considering its low price. This one is perfect for homes with just a handful of users


ASUS is a trusted name when it comes to PC and laptop components. They offer a wide range of routers, some designed for specific uses. The above ASUS routers are what you consider as the “A-Team” of the bunch. They are my best wireless routers at the moment and might be for quite some time, as well.

We included premium-priced and budget-friendly routers on the list. So, you are guaranteed to find one that fits not only your personal preference but also your budget.