BLACKPINK’sBOOMBAYAH” music video has reached four hundred million visits in the YouTube web portal,this is BLACKPINK third track to do so, their previous videos to reach such a high number of visits were “As If It’s Your Last” and “DDU DU DDU DU DU“; BLACKPINK is the first Korean girl group to reach this feat, of course, YG Entertainment did not miss this important event and placed a nice announcement to celebrate this great milestone by BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK is and will continue to give a lot to talk about, the acclaimed group formed by Jennie, Lisa, Ji Soo, and Rosé, they recently made a powerful collaboration with singer Dua lipa with the long-awaited song “Kiss and Make up”; The truth is that BLACKPINK’s ladies are rocking the world in a way that none of their predecessors had manage to do, their looks, moves, and vocals are outstanding. Many congratulations to BLACKPINK and BOOMBAYAH!