The central hotel that you can find in Stockholm is just 200 meters from the capitals Central Station and it is only 50 meters from the platform from which the Arlanda Express high-speed trains departures from. It is located in a restored old building, in which major repairs were carried out in 2013.

Upon restoration, all rooms of the Central Hotel received additional soundproofing. The guests can now take pleasure in rooms with wide windows with a nice view that faces onto a cozy closed courtyard. That means that the inhabitants of the hotel can enjoy peace and tranquility while remaining in the heart of the city.

Hotel Interior: How to Combine Rigor and Playful Lightness in Detail?

The design concept of this hotel is a sensible combination of eclecticism and classics. It is easy to combine the severity and luxury of the hall and restaurants, the futuristic beauty of conference rooms and lobbies, that lead to the original approach to room design.

Finding a common idea in such a hotel is not easy at first glance – it seems that you travel from one era to another, moving from the European classical design of the restaurant with wooden panels on the walls and warm shades in the interior, to the bright areas of the lobby with semicircular walls saturated with fuchsia and turquoise in furniture upholstery. The lobby itself is filled with air due to high ceilings, stairs, the predominance of white and large panoramic windows.

The hotel rooms are unique in design – here you can choose both a natural approach to color and if you are drawn to bright original rooms plenty of those too. For example, what can you say about living in a room where one of the walls shows bright old houses of the Stockholm center? Add saturated pistachio details and wine-colored linens to the design – and you get a very stylish space.

Another one of the showstopper rooms that deserves attention merges all the same basic shades of pistachios, turquoise, and fuchsia, which form a very bright space in the Art Nouveau style, with the simplicity of wooden floors, light wood countertops, and beds.

Can we take a moment to admire the bright birds in the design of the negotiation room? Original, isn’t it? Bright walls, soft ergonomic furniture of this conference hall is cooperated with non-standard bright decor items and one of the walls on which a real garden of paradise was created using stickers from Bright saffron tree branches and bird silhouettes of green, red and orange colors enliven the austere walls of the hall and add a special twist.

What Are the Key Ideas Used in This Interior?

The most important thing that Central Hotel designers have focused on is bright accents and a little playful style. At the same time, in an atmosphere they skillfully incorporated:

• Modern designer furniture and lighting,

• Traditional natural materials – wood panels, floors, the leather surface of sofas, tables from unpainted boards and linen tablecloths in a cage.

• Vivid colors that are characteristic of Art Nouveau – fuchsia, saffron, turquoise. But not as the main background, but in the format of bright accents.

• Correctly zoned lighting that fills the space with light and makes it voluminous.

• Large windows and glass as a material for partitions, doors, and railings.

• Large prints in an urban style that adorn the walls of rooms or relaxation areas.

The ability to combine different styles is considered one of the biggest challenges when it comes to interior design. The concept developers at the Central Hotel have perfectly mastered the task.