“Children of Nobody” MBC (Image Source: Hancinema.net)


Cha Woo Kyung is a children’s counselor, whose life could be said to be perfect. She does well and loves her job, has a great husband, who is kind and competent, she is a sincere wife and a good mother, and she is pregnant with her second child. However, a sudden accident causes Cha Woo Kyung’s life to collapse, and she will have to face several incidents in order to get the truth out of all of them, following a series of poems. On the other hand, Kang Ji Hun works as a detective, He is a man who firmly believes that criminals should be punished with the full weight of the law.


“Children of Nobody” MBC (Image Source: Hancinema.net)

Kim Sun Ah as Cha Woo Kyung
A child counselor at the Hanul Center, she lived like a good daughter and a sincere wife and adhered to all the roles as a counselor for good mothers and children. She thought she had a successful life, but an accident changed everything. From then on, her peaceful world began to crumble, at first, she thought everything was an accident. But the appearance of the “girl in green” changed her point of view. Who is the girl who looks like a ghost and why does she keep going around? The child’s brother? Or the illusion created by the guilt that killed a child?

“Children of Nobody” MBC (Image Source: Hancinema.net)

Lee Yi Kyung as Kang Ji Hoon
A detective at Kang Jiheon Station, he is a righteous and honest police officer whose performance is based on the firm belief that “sin must be judged within the bounds of the law”. Despite his slow and lazy physique, this man has a high level of concentration and persistence. A disposition that is also present in his love life, he hates the lack of sincerity and is obsessed with separation. Front his point of view criminal justice, is to follow the case with a reasonable suspicion and catching bad guys, but, he faces a woman who has been constantly following a case that he has been solving based on facts and circumstances, but this woman, Chau Woo Kyung, insists on the ridiculous claim that in the deaths somehow related to the poems a child always appears.

“Children of Nobody” MBC (Image Source: Hancinema.net)

Nam Gyu Ri as Jun Soo Young
Is a suspicious person without emotions, Short hair, achromatic dress, no expression, the charming personality of a suspicious person. She as an unsociable woman who is very difficult to tolerate. One of her hobbies is riding a high-end bicycle comparable to the price of a luxury car abroad. People don’t know the harsh and violent feelings behind the inexpressive expressions that make her lose her words.

“Children of Nobody” MBC (Image Source: Hancinema.net)

N as Lee Eun Ho
A man who keeps secrets behind a soft, good appearance. He loves children, when he is with them, he is very happy and cheerful. Lee Eun Ho envies that simple and solid world of children. He is known by the nickname “The Honest Man”. When he was 5 years old, he was admitted to Dreamland Nursery School (predecessor of the Hanul Center) and continued to grow there until he graduated from high school. He then returned to the current Hanul Center where he works as a night watchman.

About the Drama

“Children of Nobody” also known as “Red Moon Blue Sun”, is a suspense and mystery drama, it describes the story of the girl in green, a mysterious character, and Cha Woo Kyung, a woman who has a strange accident, and how she tries to discover the truth behind the mysterious incident using a poem as evidence.

Mystery thrillers, always demands a lot of work from the actors and even more from the lead actor, who carries with the greatest degree of responsibility, in the case of “Children of Nobody”, actress Kim Sun Ah, regarding her role in this drama said that the title “Children of Nobody” is intense and that she really wanted to play the role because she had confidence in Do Hyun Jung‘s script. “the script was as strong and exciting as if I was reading a mystery novel”.

Kim Sun Ah has received compliments from the entire drama production team, who revealed that Kim Sun Ah‘s power and intensity to synchronize and perfectly capture her character and dominate the plot, from the first moment they began recording, she has impacted the team members.

In addition, Lee Yi Kyung‘s performance is not far behind, in the role of Kang Ji Hun, the detective who tries to solve the mysterious incidents that continue to occur, he conveys a cold and abrupt personality, but deep down he is a sensitive man full of pain, his role generates much expectation. Lee Yi Kyung mentioned that he is a fan of Do Hyun Jung‘s work, and therefore found the script of “Children of Nobody” very attractive and full of tension so he had no choice but to choose this drama with a beating heart.

The drama will have excellent main characters, good performances, and a tense script that will hopefully take our breath away. Scene after scene will have a series of unknowns and clues that will give us a perfect puzzle game mortally entertaining. So there’s nothing left but to watch the first episodes of “Children of Nobody” on November 21st and start solving the mysteries behind the green girl and the poems.