“Coffee, Do Me a Favor” Chanel A (Image Source: Hancinema.net)


“‘Coffee, Do Me a Favor’ cast” Channel A (Image Source: Soompi.com)

This story revolves around a chubby girl, who after having a magical coffee becomes a beautiful woman and on the other hand, we find a handsome webcomics artist who thinks that love does not exist.

Im Hyun Woo is a webtoon writer, who has plenty of popularity and has a cute appearance, but everything he has of talented and cute he lacks in kindness. His treatment to people is very unfriendly and since he doesn’t believe in love, his personal relationships are very few.

He has an apprentice named Lee Seoul Bi, she is a nice and a bit fat girl. Im Hyun Woo is a web cartoon writer, he enjoys a lot of popularity and has a good appearance, but everything he has in talented and cute, he lacks in kindness.

 Seoul Bi has long been in love with Im Hyun Woo, but he doesn’t know it, as she has never told Im Hyun Woo about her feelings. One day, Seoul Bi has a cup of coffee and suddenly finds herself turned into an extraordinarily beautiful woman, whose name is Oh Go Woon.



Yong Jun Hyung as Im Hyun Woo

Im Hyun Woo is very famous in the world of cartoons, he works as a cartoonist in ‘Flower Girl Webtoon’. In the Webtoons, he write great stories of love for himself then, with a captive look he can’t help but to charm all women. He is an outstanding person, as outstanding as his excellent drawing skills. His professionalism stands out above the rest, although he is a very straightforward and simple man.

Hyun Woo is very fond of his apprentice Seoul Bi, who helps him a lot in his work as a cartoonist. Because of this he has developed a certain love for her, but refuses to accept what his heart tells him, he will never say what he thinks.

Kim Min Young as Lee Seul Bi

She is a Webtoon cartoonist who has not yet received the official announcement, is a naturally robust woman, but with a very beautiful inner being, who lost her father and who given her circumstances she is forced to live with his only and best friend.

Is one of the many women who has been captivated by Hyun Woo, she loves his beauty and qualities but knows that she will never be able to reach him. Yet she lives with the satisfaction of being a part of his life. One afternoon hopes arrises because by drinking a special coffee she manages to be the girl who can achieve her dreams.

 Chae Seo Jin as Oh Go Woon

Her beauty comes from a magical coffee pot, it can vary depending on the coffee, whether American, Espresso or Heart Latte, she will transform into an elegant woman, she can be sensual or very charming. Even though her appearance changes and attracts people’s attention, she still holds the big heart of Seoul Bi, developing a lot of empathy for people and that’s why she gets angry when someone is unfair.

Being a very pretty woman she gets close to Hyun Woo, but when the magic ends she has to run to hide the truth behind her appearance.

Coffee, Do Me a Favor” is a romantic comedy broadcast by KST on Saturdays and Sundays, which presents us how the magic packaged in a coffee pot allows a woman to try to overcome the one-sided love she feels for the man in her life.

This drama is written by “Fight My Way” writer Park Soo Chul who also acted in the drama and is Yong Jun Hyung‘s first drama in five years since “Monstar” in 2013, where he also worked with Kim Min Young. Lee Tae Ri as Moon Jung Won, Maeng Se Chang as Lee Dong Koo, Gil Eun Hye as Kang Ye Na and Han Je Hoo as Jung Sook are also part of the cast.

Yong Jun Hyung spoke frankly about his return as an actor and said: “The fact that this is my first drama in five years has weighed heavily on me. Many thoughts filled my head after I made the decision to act again. I put a lot of pressure on myself to do better and show something new“.

He continued to say, “I shared my confused thoughts with our director, and we talked a lot. I think I made it harder for myself because I felt a lot of pressure, so I tried to talk about it to feel more comfortable. It will be up to the viewers to determine if my efforts have been positively reflected in my performance, but I think I was able to believe in myself and do the best I could. I hope that even if I’m a bit short, people will see me favorably”.

He concluded: “The set always has a comfortable and fun atmosphere, and personally it has been a great experience for me because I feel I have been able to discover a new facet of myself. It has been an opportunity for me to grow. Please give us your love and interest“.

Coffee, Do Me a Favor” is a pre-produced project that has presented us with a very special chemistry between Yong Jun Hyung, Kim Min Young and Chae Seo Jin. The relationship between these three is very funny and entertaining and although this drama presents a cast of young actors they do not mismatch at all.

Coffee, Do Me a Favor” seems like an entertaining story, which in the end will be a worthy story of Cinderella, with a K-Drama style. We invite you to follow it.