For sure, once in your life, you have watched a K-drama. But nowadays, they are becoming prevalent because of the artists, the plot twists, storylines, and valuable lessons. For some, K-drama is a source of happiness and relaxation. While others treat K-drama as a puzzle that enhances their cognitive, emotional, and mental health. These dramas cover various genres, issues, and topics in this modern day.

We can never underestimate the impact of K-drama on one’s life. Because of their broad scope of content, more people can resonate with the characters. One of the contemporary contexts they are creating is awareness for psychological and mental health. These dramas are breaking the stigmas people have developed over the years. They also helped the viewers recognize how they can face their fears, how they can value themselves, and how they can live without regrets. They made the characters attractive with strong backstories.

Best K-Drama Series You Should Start Binge-Watching

If you haven’t started your K-drama journey yet, you can start watching with these Top 3 Dramas. These series will make you want to watch more of this genre. So, let’s get started!

Itaewon Class

Itaewon Class is based on a webtoon story of an ex-convict that pursues his dream as a business owner. It revolves around Park Saeroyi that seeks revenge for his father’s death. He found and built a team to transform their simple restaurant bar into a successful franchise trying to beat the company of his enemies. Other than that, the story focuses on different people.

Saeroyi’s team is composed of diverse types of people that sets them apart from one another. Indeed, each member complements their personality and differences. In this drama, they broke the stereotypes in this society and learned to accept their differences. Here are the characters in the drama that you should know:

  • Park Saeroyi and Seung Kwon are both ex-convicts. They struggle to land a job because of their past.
  • Ma Hyun Hyi is a transgender woman wherein she troubled to be accepted by the society.
  • Toni is a half-Korean that has a different color of Korean. He experienced racial discrimination.
  • Jo Yi Seo is the youngest in their team, but her age should not be the basis to underestimate her business marketing skills.

It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

In our lives, we encounter struggles that make us feel unwell. However, this drama emphasized that it is alright not to be okay, and we can seek help from other people and professionals. It’s Okay Not To Be Okay taught us not to invalidate anyone’s feelings because we all have unique predicaments and coping mechanisms. It discusses the emotional and psychological wounds brought by trauma and abuse, which affect our present lives. This drama taught us that we must face our fears and traumas and consult experts to know what we can do.

Like the movie Miracles in Cell No. 7 and the series It’s Okay, It’s Love, we are challenged to break the stigma and connotations regarding people with special needs. In this drama, Moon Sangtae and Moon Gangtae ran away from their past demons, which took in the form of a butterfly. However, this butterfly can be a symbol of psycho and cure. In the end, they will decide how they can overcome this butterfly. Surely, your tears will flow upon resonating with the character’s experience.


The story of this drama started when a plane flying from Korea to Morocco crashed. People believe that it happened due to a technical malfunction. However, Cha Dal Geon tries to uncover the truth behind the plane crash. Together with the NIS agent named Go Haeri, they will determine who the people created the terrorist attack that killed Cha Dal Geon’s nephew.

If you are looking for an intense action drama, this is for you. Their drama is shot from Morocco with a diverse culture. It is also a nerve-wracking and mind-blowing production that you should not miss. You can never trust any characters because they might be one of the antagonists of the drama.

K-Drama Must-Have Marathon Kit

There are more K-dramas that you can watch through Netflix and other online sites and more K-dramas that will inspire you to dream and teach you relevant life lessons. However, other than preparing a drama to watch, you must also prepare a K-drama marathon kit.

    1. Prepare the K-drama you want to watch. For a better experience, you might opt to have a projector. You can feel the intensity of the drama and the setting’s ambiance by watching it on a larger screen.
    2. Arrange a space so you can watch your chosen K-drama peacefully and comfortably. You can prepare cozy blankets and pillows to be more relaxed.
    3. Ready your snacks such as popcorn, pizza, or chips. It is more fun if you can enjoy the drama while you are eating. But, it is also important to be healthy by finding more supplements that can help you in weight loss and energy-efficiency.
    4. Get yourself a tissue. Every K-drama has their twists and turns, and some episodes will surely make you cry. Brace yourself for the roller coaster emotions you will feel.
    5. Stay hydrated by getting yourself an insulated tumbler and creating a drink that you will love while still immersing yourself in the K-drama.
    6. Get a supplement that will sustain your energy throughout a 16 to 20 episode drama. Ensure that your body and mind are prepared by getting a supplement from Total Shape.

The emergence of Korean drama in our society has elevated the standard of series production. Not only do they focus on the cinematography but the plots of the story. We can never guess what will happen next, which makes our K-drama journey more exciting. From medical to law dramas, there are also other series that discuss the occupations of the characters. More than that, they tackle social and political issues that people usually ignore.

But before immersing yourself in the drama, prepare your essentials to make your K-drama marathon more enjoyable. Create a better experience by making your place cozier and prepare foods and beverages. Check more supplements to boost your energy while binge-watching!