In this digital age, technology is advancing day by day. Every day we see new advancements being made in the fields of electronics. With these new advances, it’s not practical to buy new products every other day. It is, therefore, necessary that you invest in the devices that are ahead of their time, durable and reliable. Headphones are everyone’s tech friend whenever they are trying to watch a movie, listen to songs, study online, or just trying to keep to themselves in a crowd. They have also witnessed great changes over the years. There are some types of top headphones with all the new features that you should opt for.

Your smartphones or laptops are incomplete without a set of headphones. To accompany them, noise canceling and wireless headphones are the ones trending right now.

Noise Cancellation Headphones:

It is a very attractive feature of these headphones that they cancel out all the unnecessary noise from the surroundings. It, in turns, put efforts into providing the best audio results. Noise canceling headphones reduce the noise to a large extent, and they are really helpful while traveling and in a crowded place.

Wireless Headphones:

The days of wire connecting you with everything are gone. Wireless headphones are connected via Bluetooth mostly with your handset. They work on battery and relieve you from the hassle of wires. You just have to charge your wireless set and then enjoy them for a long time.

What Type to Buy?

You have to look around for what type of wireless headphones you should buy. Along with being wireless and noise canceling, your headphone set should be comfortable, easy to carry, have good battery life, and must be reliable. Satisfy yourself beforehand while spending hundreds of dollars on the headphones. All of the stores offer you to test the set that you are interested in. With all the apparent features, it is important that you check the sound quality. Your headphones are useless if they are wireless and look really cool on you but don’t have the good sound quality to make you fall in love with them.

Our Top Pick:

Our top pick for the latest headphone sets to invest is Plantronics Voyager Focus. You can choose from a variety of their designs to suit your style and interest. Some of its key features include:

  • Compatibility with all smartphones and regularly used applications
  • 12-hour talk time battery and 15-hour music or movie streaming
  • Active noise-cancellation technology
  • Caller name announcement
  • Bluetooth and USB activation
  • Roaming range of 150 feet
  • High Definition Voice
  • Automated turn-on and turn-off when it is put on and off respectively
  • Foldable ear cushions

Any headphones lover would know that these features don’t come around easily. Along with these, there is a number of other technical features to support our claim of the top pick.

The Plantronics Voyager Focus has two types:

  1. Plantronics Voyager Focus UC Bluetooth Wireless, NO stand B825
  2. Plantronics Voyager Focus-MS Microsoft Lync Bluetooth Headset

Easy to use and carry, they are not so expensive either. Investing in these headsets will definitely not make you regret it!

Plantronics Voyager Focus is not only good in features but has a remarkable quality that would last longer than any regular headphones. Buying a headphone set is one thing, and taking care of it is another. Anything that is not taken care of is eventually ruined no matter how expensive or cheap it is. You can obtain any type of headphones, but they will only last longer if used appropriately.