Snapchat is the newest social media frenzy. It offers a more exciting way for friends to take, edit and share photos. It is most popular with young users.

Snap chat started as only a photo sharing platform but over time, has grown to be a communication platform among other things. That is the sole reason that parents today are super worried about what their children are exposed to on Snapchat among other social media platforms.

The online safety of children is a big deal to parents. That is why parents are advised to make a small effort of knowing what their children are up to online.

Below are a few ways you can use to hack your child’s Snapchat account.

Spy app

Using a fully-fledged Snapchat spy app offers the best way you can know how to hack snapchat. Right now, the best Snapchat spy app is Mspy. The best thing about it is that it offers full coverage of all activities on Snapchat. Parents will get to see what their children post as well as what their children see.

Mspy also gives parents access to messages and videos sent. In addition, it offers a detailed time and places log that indicates to parents the exact time a certain message was sent or received. Parents have also the power to block friends they deem unfit for their children.

Mspy is also the best app that can be used to hack Snapchat passwords.


This is one of the most dangerous ways of hacking Snapchat. Most goons who use this method will try and hack banks among other things.

Phishing works in a way that hackers will create a fake login page. When you enter your logins, here is where they acquire your personal data and passwords.

Hackers will do this in various ways. The most prominent method is sending fake emails to you, informing you that your account is under attack, and instructing you to change your password.

The only way you can avoid this is being wary of emails, text messages or phone calls asking you to change your password; especially for celebrities. On the brighter side, due to the massive amounts of work that is involved here, it is most unlikely that someone will try to hack your social media accounts like this.

Hacked phone

When your phone has been hacked, it leaves your Snapchat and other social media platforms vulnerable.

Hacking a phone is mostly done by experts, and again, due to the massive amounts of energy involved here, it is also unlikely that someone will try and hack your Snapchat via this method.

I am yet to meet someone that wants their Snapchat accounts hacked. This is normally done through careless mistakes. By simply having an antivirus on your phone will ensure you keep hackers away from your phone.

Other various ways you can ensure your Snapchat is not hacked include:

  • Never using Wi-Fi in public places
  • Never clicking onto those weird emails asking for password changes
  • Ensuring your home Wi-Fi is password protected
  • Be sure of the apps you install on your phone.

Most of the above is common sense, but most people will turn a blind eye and end up hacked.