The world is digitizing at a fast pace and today every individual has an electronic device may it be kids or adults. Before you think that, kids shouldn’t have cellphones or electronic devices – think again!

At one, electronic devices are bad for kids, but they can also prove to be helpful. For instance, kids can use good apps of math solving, science games, and even for homework. Internet is a black hole filled with various things, both good and bad. You can never tell when someone is using it for a positive purpose or negative purpose.

Alas, the solution to save your kids from these devices is here it is called ‘FamiSafe App.’ It is an app when in both your and your child’s device, it can help you monitor the child’s activities on the mobile. Here are some features of FamiSafe

Screen time tracking and control

Children these days can easily become addicted to mobile phones, making you worried about the strain they are putting on their brains and eyes due to screen-usage. FamiSafe not only helps you monitor their screen-time, but it also understands your concerns, and through this app, you can lock down their phone.
Sleep Schedules are really important because an eight- hour sleep is important for the child’s health and growth. FamiSafe also understands this concern of parents; hence, they have set up a feature in this app through which you can turn off the mobile of your child at a set time. For example, if you set 11 pm as the shut-off time. The phone will turn off at that time, and you can set a turn-on time as well which can be in the morning or the afternoon.

Real-time location tracking and Geo-fencing

We all have heard incidents of kids getting picked up from school by strangers or being hurt by other people. Even with the kids in school, the parents are in constant stress because after the school is off the kids aren’t the responsibility of the school. There comes in handy FamiSafe feature of ‘Real-Time location tracking and Geo-fencing.’ It tracks your kid’s current location as well as history so that you can know if your kid has been in an unknown or new place. Also, you can set certain geo-fences which will give you alerts whenever your kids leaves or enters that certain area.

App blocker and activity monitor

There are certain apps of games or shows that can cause your child to be excessively glued to the screen. FamiSafe also helps you block certain apps from your child’s device and also monitor the amount of time they spend using an application on their devices. If your child thinks that they can simply download an app in your absence and delete it before you check the phone – it’s impossible! FamiSafe also tracks what applications are downloaded on their phone and which are uninstalled on their phone.

Web content filtering

The online world is vast and wide, FamiSafe understands your concern of pornographic and nude content on the world from which you want your child to be far away. The makers of FamiSafe understand your concern and can help you fight the web content by their feature ‘Web Content Filtering.’ This feature will help you protect your child from any cyberbullying or websites with inappropriate content.

Even if you’re a bit doubtful of paying for the app immediately, it offers you a 3-day free trial period.

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