“God’s Quiz” OCN (Image Source: Hancinema.net)



A drama where elite doctors and forensic scientists have to investigate mysterious deaths and solve mysteries related to rare diseases. Han Jin-woo after getting involved in an unexpected case returns to the coroner’s office for the first time in 4 years as he is a brilliant doctor who is eager to solve God’s most difficult Quiz.

The fifth season follows Han Jin Woo enjoying his life. Jin Woo helps his girlfriend, Detective Kang Kyung Hee to solve a case, and that makes him temporarily rejoin the Han kook University forensic lab. As always, Han Jin Woo solves difficult cases using his brilliant mind and keen intuition.

But this time, he is not the only one who finds the answer to God’s Quiz. Now C.O.D.A.S, an artificial intelligence system that uses large data to find the cause of death, is used by the department. Kwak Hyuk Min, who runs C.O.D.A.S, is firmly convinced that numbers and data can lead to the cause. That’s why he gets irritated with Han Jin Woo, who doesn’t hesitate to point out system defects. The disagreement between them continues to create tension in the laboratory.

This popular crime series “God’s Quiz” now has a new season, titled “God’s Quiz: Reboot”, the last one after four long years. The series had its beginnings in 2010 and was about the genius Han Jin Woo and his team that discovered the truth behind suspicious death cases that were deceiving the doctors. “God’s Quiz: Reboot” focuses on Han Jin Woo’s return to the medical examiner’s office after he was absent to solve a case that will test his mental acuity to the limit.

In the main cast is still headed by Ryu Deok Hwan, in his role as a neurosurgeon and forensic doctor Han Jin Woo, Yoon Joo Hee as detective Kang Kyung Hee and Park Joon Myun being forensic doctor Jo Young Shil. “God’s Quiz” has four seasons predecessor to this one, the production took the decision to release a new season due to the insistence of fans to continue the series as Ryu Deok Hwan had culminated with his mandatory military service last year.

In addition, “God’s Quiz: Reboot” cast will be joined by a new member who is none other than former SISTAR member Bora, portraying Jung Seung Bin, a C.O.D.A.S. investigator in the Medical Examiner’s office. While she seems infinitely kind on the outside, she boasts a cold, rational intellect in according with her position. As Han Jin Woo’s former student, she respects him immensely, to the extent that she asks him to be her mentor.

This OCN network drama promises to surprise us with new and intriguing cases, so if you’re a fan of the drama or like the full medical research series, don’t miss “God’s Quiz: Reboot”. It will offer you that and much more.