There are legitimate ways of promoting your escort services. For instance, you can market your services in local directories and Yellow pages. You may spread the word amongst local brothels. You may distribute flyers that scream about your escort services. Here’s the unfortunate truth -Such promotional tactics are neither efficient or nor cost-effective. The key to marketing your services is to have an escort website.

Not so long ago, the thought of building a website for an escort agency seemed intimidating. Amateur programmers used to trawl PHP, HTML and Adobe Dreamweaver tutorial pages across the web. For building complex escort websites, expertise in Cold Fusion, Java, ASP, was mandatory. Let me sum it up in one word – tedious.

Today, it’s all wine and done. Of course, the fundamentals of site architecture and scalability still apply. But are massive ounces of web development skills required? No! It all boils down to using the right escort management software.

In as little as half a day, you can launch your escort booking site by using the right escort agency script.

Here’s how to start an escort service.

Web Hosting Company

Not every hosting company is adult content friendly. Adult hosting isn’t cheap. So, if you go with the cheapest web hosting company, your site may bite the dust in a couple of months.

Find someone who genuinely listens to your hosting requirements, responds to your emails, offers you enough bandwidth, storage and promises round-the-clock support.

Website Navigation

This may come as a surprise to you. Easy website navigation can help you win more clients.

So, it’s important to plan the navigation through to your site.

Escort agency software solutions are pre-packaged with Disclaimer, Home and Profile web pages. You just have to modify the content. Let me explain.

Disclaimer page protects you and your escort agency from legalities. You should state explicitly that your agency offers companionship services in exchange for money. There’s consent and not coercion amongst the adults.

If your escort services are unique and fulfill unmet fantasies of your clients or cater to a particular niche, you should inform your prospective clients about the same. Home page lets you do this. If there’s any revision of rates or attractive discounts, keep your clients posted. Always keep your Home page updated and refreshing.

Profile pages can be in thousands. Every escort working with your agency is entitle to a profile page. Profile pages let your escorts provide personal information such as nationality, age, hair color, body dimensions, etc. Additionally, and most important of all, escorts can describe their personality, likes and interests. This helps prospective clients know more about their escorts.

The profile page should be coupled with a Gallery page wherein models can upload their photos and keep adding newer ones.

FAQ Page saves you loads of time. It’s just a one-off thing. Provide answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Gift Page has all the provisions to enable escorts to accept money from your prospective clients.

Another unmissable page is Client Testimonials page. This page should direct your prospects to sites such as Exotic Review. For your information, Exotic Review is a site that reviews escort agencies. This enhances credibility and builds trust. Make sure to provide positive testimonials and reviews from your clients on this web page.

It goes without saying that this is just the tip of a massive ice-berg. Escort agency software lets you add many more pages.

Business Flow

Let’s now understand the business flow. In other words, let’s understand how an escort agency makes money.

Your escort agency should have two types of content – Premium, and Free. Users should be able to view the free content without registering on your site. No doubt, premium content is behind a paywall.

Escorts provide their availability status. Based on their schedule and availability, escorts can either accept or reject booking. To get their profile listed and featured, escorts should pay a fee. It’s that simple!

Users can initiate a few conversations with escorts by sending text messages. Of course, it then becomes mandatory for them to register on your online escort booking portal.

Here’s how this works – Whenever a user books an escort, the escort and the user receive an email of confirmation. As the site owner, you are entitled to take a cut of the user’s fee.

You have powers and privileges to add or ban users and models. You can monitor every activity – big or small.

Mailing List

Your earnings will skyrocket only if you have loyal clients. Loyal clients are forever. Escort management software helps you build a mailing list to keep your clients informed about new escorts, new offers, etc.

Send a newsletter every week. Include not more than a couple of intimate videos of the most beautiful escorts. This is a great strategy to acquire clients in droves. By the way, make sure that such intimate videos aren’t downloadable on your clients’ laptop(s).

Superior quality escort agency scripts let you build sites that look excellent and pixel perfect not only on laptops and desktops but also on mobiles and tablets.

The cornerstones of marketing and promotion remain the same. Online communities, adult-content social media platforms, company blogs, interviews, and link-trading will help you solidify your brand salience.

To stay relevant, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. The golden rule is to not screw up fundamentals such as website design, domain and web hosting, and website content creation. Establish and grow your brand authority by choosing the right escort management software. Cheers!