Do you have swollen 6.4V Lithium Battery in your hands and you don’t know what to do? Leave the battery carefully on the table and read this article. That a lithium battery swells is one of the worst things that can happen: it may seem at first glance that it is a minimal failure, even of design, and that it is completely safe to manipulate or continue using them as if nothing had happened. Nothing is further from reality, the best thing you can do with these batteries is to stop using them immediately, and not even think about charging them: we tell you everything you need to know about swollen batteries, and how to deal with them.

What are the reasons for the battery to swell?

There are several reasons why a battery can swell:

– That you receive a more intense or powerful current than you need, by overloading it
– Let it overheat, and the organic substances in the battery give off gas or even fire (in the worst case, calm down)
– That your Android sticks a dip, the battery is not well insulated, and in the water.

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What can I do with a swollen battery?

Got your 9.6V Lithium Battery swollen? Simply put, throw it away. Moreover, do not throw it in the trash: take it to a clean point to be treated as it should be, throwing it in the trash would be a real danger to the environment. There is no way you can recover it, and continuing to use or charge it causes you to run the risk of something very bad happening.

Oh, and don’t even think about pricking it or touching it hard so that the lump sinks: in contact with the air, materials such as lithium become flammable, so you better know what you are doing if you manipulate a swollen battery.

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How do I prevent the battery from swelling?

Knowing the reasons why we find a swollen battery, and knowing that we cannot recover a battery when this happens, we can take several steps to protect our battery from these dangers:

– Use correct chargers for the battery you are charging: we explain everything about chargers here
– Try to keep your Android away from the water, and from environments such as heated pools and saunas where there is a lot of humidity.
– If it has ended up getting wet, nothing like our guide to try to rescue it.
– Do not leave your Android (or other electronic devices) in direct sunlight at times like summer.
– If it has been inevitable, and you can live a moment without your smartphone, turn it off to cool a bit. If you can’t, disable functions to lower the system load, and get that temperature drop.

So…how to fix swollen lithium battery? Nothing you can do! Just throw it away. You have to prioritize safe and reliable path in using your lithium battery.