A few days ago, a friend wanted to send me a video of the last concert of my group that he had filmed with his smartphone. But the video was too big … He could not send it to me via Facebook Messenger which refuses the files too big. So I advised him to send it to me via a solution allowing the sharing of big files or to compress the video (that is to say to reduce the size of the video). There are many programs that can compress videos, yes really, you can find them easily on Google. But my friend is not very computer savvy; I advised him to use an online service on the web to reduce the weight of his video.

Online UniConverter, a universal solution to compress and convert your audio and video files. Why? Here are the reasons. Just keep reading!

The company Wondershare has developed UniConverter (or Media.io), a powerful online solution to reduce the size of a video but also convert an mp4 to mp3 online or in another file format. As its name indicates, UniConverter wants to be a universal online converter.

The advantages:

– UniConverter is a free video converter. Free is often an argument that hits home most of the time. Here you will not have anything to pay!
– This online solution supports the most important audio and video formats such as .mp4, .mp3, .avi, .mov, .divx, .mkv, .wav, .3gp etc files. So many choices to work on!
– It’s an online solution, no need to install software on your device. There is no need to worry about your operating system either. It will work on all your devices with a web browser and an internet connection. If you’re worried about downloading something, using UniConverter is your solution.
– The simplicity of the solution: you just have to go to the official UniConverter website, send your file, and download the result. As simple as that.
– There are two ways to download converted files: local recording on your device or backup to Dropbox. The software gives you flexibility.

The disadvantages:

– The flip side of online solutions: you need an internet connection to reduce your video or convert it to another file format.
– The time to send and download your compressed or converted video/audio may be a bit longer depending on the size of your original file or the speed of your internet connection.
– Batch processing is not possible; you must send/download your files one by one. This can be tedious if you have many files to convert or compress. But for me, it’s no problem.
– Some less popular, more exotic file types (whether opensource or proprietary) are not supported.

The conclusion:

If the disadvantages take precedence over the advantages of the UniConverter solution, I advise you to turn to the software solution developed by Wondershare, Wondershare UniConverter. This powerful software will allow you to convert/compress files faster (30 times faster than other converters), send your files in batches with more than 1000 file formats supported. You can even convert some rarely used formats, for example, VOB to MP4. Hopefully, this article can be useful for you.