Firestick is popular among people who love to watch TV. It helps you in watching TV conveniently with your choice of program anytime you want. You need an internet connection for the firestick to run smoothly. The best thing about firestick is that it allows you to stream through the internet and find anything you want to watch instantly without any interruption.

A lot of people love to watch Korean dramas on Firestick, and there are certain applications that you can download to stream the Korean dramas without any delay. Amazon Firestick offers you to download the application in your phone and operate it online without any hassle. There are many options for you to watch any Korean drama which you love. Check out this guide to jailbreak FireStick and download Korean drama apps that are only available on android smartphones. Here are some of the applications which you can download to watch Korean dramas instantly.


One big name for Korean dramas is Viki. You can find unlimited Korean dramas on this application which are available for the android devices. There is an option for subtitles for the dramas to help you understand if the Korean language is not your first language.

There are limited language subtitles, but the universal language English is there for sure. You can also chat with other members through the Viki application to find out about the best Korean drama which you may have missed.


This application is popular to stream the Korean dramas on Firestick. Many of the users may be familiar with it already as it is used widely. It offers free of cost content to the users with uploading new programs right after some time as they air on the regular channels. You can also pick up a conversation with your buddies on the application to discuss the favorite episode of Korean dramas.


The features of this application are pretty appealing however some of the content for Korean dramas require you to add the subscription. You can watch Korean dramas 24 hours and without any hassle in the streaming through firestick. Also, the application saves the last spot when you have watched the drama and plays it from that spot the next time when you open the application.

Korean Drama & Movies

There are thousands of drama and movies on this application and that too free of cost. It is a great and convenient application to use with giving you access to various programs. The programs which are available on Dailymotion and Youtube are also there.

Different users can upload the videos, and it also gives you a lot of options for selecting the quality of video and subtitles option to understand the drama and movies. You can also save the drama in the watch later section to watch it and have access to it easily.

Korean Drama

You can find quick releases of Korean dramas from this application and watch it through firestick. You can manage the settings to receive the notifications for the program when the new episode uploads so that you do not miss out on the entertainment.

The popular use of firestick allows people to have ease of watching anything they wish online instantly. When you connect it with your phone and operate it through the applications, you are free to watch anything you want of your choice.