Another Miss Oh TvN 2016

When you think of Korea, many different thoughts come to your mind, as Korea has many charming sides. Starting with the picturesque landscapes, followed by history and Korean culture and tradition, to the characteristic alphabet of the Korean language, Hangul, Korea inspires. And the Hallyu wave – a wave of Korean pop culture such as K-Pop, K-Drama and K-Movie – is a defining factor in the Korean image. And especially in the current situation in which we should and must be in social distancing and quarantine, this Hallyu wave can be very helpful. Because you often ask yourself the following questions: “How can I best keep myself busy? What can I do about my boredom besides playing in NetBet online casino? ” I have found the following answer to these questions: With a K-Drama marathon! Should it be romantic with lots of laughter or rather dramatic and heartbreaking, everyone will find something here. So let’s dive into the fabulous world of Korean series and films together, this time only going into Korean dramas.

Chocolate 초콜릿 – 2019

A wonderful series with depth. It is about two people who meet briefly as children and meet again in adulthood. Their lives have changed completely in the meantime. Important to know: The series takes place in a hospice, i.e. it is not easy fare, but really very, very worthwhile. The soundtrack is fantastic.

Another Miss Oh 또! 오해영 – 2016

Admittedly, because of the chilling name and the somewhat turbulent beginning, you probably would not have watched this series if you had not been recommended it. The story about a really fatal name confusion is extremely loving.

Mr. Sunshine 미스터 션 샤인 – 2018

One of the few historical dramas that I would recommend to “beginners” because it is just so incredibly good. A young naval officer fled from Korea to the United States as a child after a traumatic experience in 1871. A few years later he returned to his homeland. The 24-part series takes place in a very sensitive period for Korea. The soundtrack is awesome too.

Romance is a Bonus Book 로맨스 는 별책 부록 – 2019

Lee Jong-suk, the male actor, is one of Korea’s most hyped actors, and the series is really well done. Plot: The talented author Chu Eun-Ho is a young editor-in-chief whose everyday life suddenly changes. This is mainly because he meets his childhood friend Kang Dan-Yi again, who is looking for a new job.

The Heirs – 2013

When you think of K-Dramas, you can not ignore The Heirs. Even if the series is from 2013. Love at first sight, a Cinderella story, and heartbreak at its finest: The Heirs is a bit older, but not one of the most popular K-Dramas for nothing. The series also has the same script writers as “Mr. Sunshine ”. Anyone who liked Beverly Hills 90210 will fall for it. Lee Min-ho is also one of the most successful and older drama actors in Korea.

Crash landing on you 사랑 의 불시착 – 2019

Yes, what can you say – Hyun Bin is one of THE drama stars in Korea par excellence – and rightly so, in my opinion. His partner Son Ye-jin in this series too. In addition, the concept “spoiled star accidentally lands with a paraglider in North Korea and is rescued by a military officer and his cronies” is hard to beat. Love drama, funny scenes, but also very touching and rousing when you see the differences between North and South Korea. Apart from the really badly chosen title and the tough beginning when the protagonist is blown by the storm to North Korea, all in all, one of the best KDramas I’ve seen and perfect to get started!


The series takes place during the Joseon Dynasty and an unknown disease strikes the Koreans. Crown Prince Chang (played by Ju Ji-Hoon) finds out during the first season that his father has the disease. However, it is not a conventional disease, but a kind of zombie apocalypse. What at first sounds like just another zombie movie turns into one of the best Korean series in the past two years. The zombies spread over time and Chang and his companions have to find a way to stop the disaster. The first season was fantastic, the second took the series to a higher level and we are eagerly awaiting the third season of Kingdom. Also because at the end of the second season a new character was introduced who promises a lot of entertainment for the coming season. If you’re into historical drama, Kingdom is for you.