“Love Alert” MBN/Dramax



The dermatologist Cha Woo Hyun is a real gentleman among women but for the sad reality of his admirers, he has no interest in starting a relationship. On the other hand, there is a renowned actress, the nation’s angel Yoon Yoo Jung, who has a spectacular career, full of awards, movies, and dramas but whose love life is a complete disaster, the actress lives wrapped in gossip and rumors and can not maintain a relationship for more than 100 days. These two people, who at first glance are totally different, have coincided frequently, which will lead them to establish a contract in which they decide to pretend to have a relationship.


“Love Alert” MBN/Dramax

Chun Jung Myung  as Cha Woo Hyun

An attractive, gentle and talented dermatologist doctor, Cha Woo Hyun is a popular man among women but who does not want to marry under the circumstances imposed to him by his parents, especially his father, President Cha, leader of the Choego group who considers marriage as a strategy and management in order to obtain something. For his good (or bad) luck he continues to encounter with actress Yoon Yoo Jung in rather embarrassing circumstances which inevitably drags him into a completely out of the ordinary situation.

Yoon Eun Hye as Yoon Yoo Jung

“Love Alert” MBN/Dramax


A well known, experienced and award-winning actress, but despite having a good eye for her projects, has a bad eye for men as she fails to maintain a romantic relationship for any more than 100 days, despite being an adult woman is a spoiled star who does not manages herself well alone and needs the constant help of the Ceo of the entertainment agency for which she works. As a result of her latest love disappointment, Cha Woo Hyun may be her only salvation from a career-ending scandal.

“Love Alert” MBN/Dramax

Han Go Eun as Han Jae Kyung

Ceo of Yoon Yoo Jung’s entertainment agency, she manages the time, resources, and solves any kind of inconvenience of her most important star, actress Yoon Yoo Jung. An elegant, intelligent woman who genuinely cares for the well-being of Yoo Jung and even her younger brother Yoon Yoo Joon.

“Love Alert” MBN/Dramax

Joo Woo Jae as Sung Hoon

Actor under the entertainment agency of Han Jae Kyung, he is the friend and confidant of Yoon Yoo Jung.

P.O as Yoon Yoo Joon

Yoon Yoo Jung’s younger brother that has just returned from military service, a 24-year-old man who is a little childish and clumsy but who defends and protects the dignity of his older sister at all cost.

Lee Hye Ran as Jo Min Ah

Kanghan Hotel manager and the youngest daughter of the Kanghan group, she has always been ignored by her family but a marriage proposal with Dr. Cha Woo Hyun could give her the recognition she craves among her relatives, so she is convinced that she must marry Cha Woo Hyun no matter what.

The Drama so far…

“Love Alert” MBN/Dramax

The drama begins by showing us a shiny, impeccable Yoon Yoo Jung receiving an award for best actress and then show us the woman behind the cameras, a young woman, who is eager to receive affection and who is madly in love with Hwang Jae Min, a relatively new actor to the media with the fame of breaking hearts, who’s been climbing in his career through deceiving wealthy and influential women like her.

“Love Alert” MBN/Dramax

Simultaneously, doctor Cha Woo Hyun has just returned from a travel and his mother goes to meet him at the airport, this woman worries about the future of her son, who is a famous doctor, popular, attractive … but still has no wife! unacceptable. It is then when Cha Woo Hyun’s mother takes on the task of finding a “suitable woman” for her son, subjecting him to heave pressure even from his father to marry and take the leadership of the Choego group.
Casually Cha Woo Hyun coincides with Yoon Yoo Jung repeatedly in rather embarrassing circumstances, being a famous actress, Yoon Yoo Jung is always followed by a camera that captures every single moment with Cha Woo Hyun, main reason why after Yoon Yoo Jung was rejected and publicly betrayed by Hwang Jae Min being that she had already said that there was a man in her life, Cha Woo Hyun becomes the only solution to get her out of the scandal.

“Love Alert” MBN/Dramax

With Cha Woo Hyun’s family wanting to force a relationship with the younger daughter of the Kanghan group, and Yoon Yoo Jung looking for a last-minute fake boyfriend, pretending a relationship seems to be the immediate answer to both of their problems.

The drama will be a romantic comedy in every way, and I hope to see the development of the character of Chun Jung Myung, he appears to be a man of a very passive personality, but with strong convictions, that kind of person whom you can annoy a lot but when he stands firm there is no way or reason to change his opinion.
On the other hand, the character of Yoon Eun Hye is one that I definitely want to see mature as the story progresses.

This drama takes over “Devilish Joy” place, which in my (humble) opinion was one of the best of this year of this network, hopefully, “Love Alert” will also be a great success, so if you like that silly but true love, where the theme of fate comes into play again and again, and a great chemistry by the whole team, then don’t stop watching “Lover Alert“.