“My Strange Hero” SBS (Image Source: Hancinema.net)


When Kang Bok Su was a high school student, he was unfairly blamed for committing acts of violence, for which he was later expelled from high school. All these false accusations came from his first love, Son Soo Jeong and one of his male classmates Oh Se Ho.

Kang Bok Su is now an adult, where he has had to endure the difficult life he has had to live but where he will seek revenge on Son Soo Jeong and Oh Se Ho, returning to the same high school but now as a teacher. The atmosphere in the school has changed and Kang Bok Su finds himself involved in unexpected cases.


“Kang Bok Soo” SBS (Image Source: Hancinema.net)

Yoo Seung Ho as Kang Bok Soo

Since childhood, he’s made a name for himself. Handsome, fighter and good-natured, comical and romantic, Bok Soo was once a small hero of Sulgong Go. He was a quiet student who enjoyed being with his classmates and loved his school until one day an act of violence turned him into a villain and he was expelled from school. Who would have thought that a young man’s first love would destroy his adolescence?

But now revenge is his only task, but it won’t be as he hopes because he will return to a place that isn’t what it used to be, where he used to meet friends and enjoy in a park. Could a broken little hero have a happy ending with the story of a lost first love?

“Son Soo Jung” SBS (Image Source: Hancinema.net)

Jo Bo Ah as Son Soo Jung

She is a pretty girl who grew up without a person to help her since she was young, she is a person who can’t even ask for help for herself let alone help herself. However, her life has not been so bad. Son Soo Jung was revered as a goddess in school. At first, Kang Bok Soo didn’t think of her that way, but after seeing a different side of her, he gradually begins to like her. However, because of “that incident”, there is the big break between them, and their love is never confirmed real. However, nine years later, they meet at their old school and the fire between them is lit once again. She works as a teacher in the school.

“Oh Se Ho” SBS (Image Source: Hancinema.net)

Kwak Dong Yeon as Oh Se Ho

Kang Bok Soo’s best friend for nine years and the CEO of “Your Request”, Oh Se Ho has a problem of inferiority, even though he has a great appearance, a charming smile and a very kind personality lies behind that attractive appearance a man who is full of grudge and revenge. He always envied Kang Bok Soo since school because of the free spirit he radiated.

“My Strange Hero” is a romantic comedy broadcast on Mondays and Tuesdays on SBS, starring Yoo Seung Ho and Jo Bo Ah as former classmates who meet 9 years later.

“My Strange Hero” has a great cast in which we also find Kim Dong Young, and Park Ah In, Chun Ho Jin, Kim Mi Kyung, Uhm Hyo Sup, Kim Kwang Gyu, Kim Yeo Jin, Kim Jae Hwa, and Jang Won Young, who provide great performances. This drama brings different airs to what we are accustomed to in those typical school dramas, “My Strange Hero” will show school violence, extreme competition in college entrance exams and other related topics that teenagers face day after day today.

This is a romantic comedy where love and laughter cannot miss, and Yoo Seung Ho and Jo Bo Ah promise as a couple, in these first chapters we could see a very tender love, clumsy that generates emotion and great expectations.

The production team declared: “My Strange Hero” will capture the emotion of the first love and send a social message. Sometimes it will make people laugh, other times it will captivate the eyes, ears, and hearts of viewers”. At 10 p.m. KST it will take care of your Mondays and Tuesdays.

This drama is the first romantic comedy by Yoo Seung Ho who stated: “There are times when people are ambitious about doing something they haven’t done before. For starters, I didn’t try to look really cool. I let it all go, and I think that’s the most appropriate expression”.

He continues: “Carelessly throwing things was actually more like Kang Bok Soo’s character when I saw the edited video [of my performance], and I thought it would be a better way to play it. It’s not that hard to let things go, but the problem was that I wasn’t really used to doing these things. While filming this drama, I learned a little bit about how to let things go. As he was filming me and watching me let more things go, I asked the director, ‘Is it okay to do it like this?’, and he liked it”.

This drama is very well accepted by the viewers of K-dramas and is being very entertaining so I just have to invite you to follow “My Strange Hero”.