Nowadays, social media have millions of users every day. This is also true for Instagram, which receives more than 500 million users daily. Therefore, if you want to create content that stands out, you have to be creative. Original post ideas always find a way to stand out and attract users. When you find a truly original idea, visit, which is the best site to buy Instagram likes, to help your posts.

In this article, you will find some original ideas that will inspire you to publish unique posts.

#1 Create a Quiz or Puzzle

It is very important to remember that users like to be involved in your posts. You can ask them questions that they need to answer or you can simply play a game with them. In the image above, you see that Predator Gaming has created a crossword, which is a fun way to engage with the users. Another idea that you can use is to post a quiz that tests their knowledge or tries to determine which one of the choices is the best. Moreover, you can post riddles or puzzles.

#2 “Caption This” Images

On the Internet, you can find crazy images that make you wonder what happened. This type of image is the perfect one to post on your Instagram account and engage your audience. Crazy pictures can be used for the “caption this” game, where users need to comment on what would the best caption of the image be. This type of content will increase the engagement rate of your posts, thus helping your account become more visible. To help this post, visit the #1 place to buy instagram likes, such as

#3 Relatable and Funny Memes

Users on the Internet and social media want to see posts that entertain them. This is the reason why so many humorous accounts have a huge number of followers. Furthermore, this is also the reason why memes have become so popular that you can now see them everywhere.

Therefore, if you post funny memes, the chances of getting a lot of likes are very high. However, you need to make sure that you only post memes that are relatable to your audience. For example, if you have an account where you show food recipes, you should create a meme about cooking.

#4 How-to Short Videos

Life hacks, DIY projects, and tutorials are all very popular on social media today. Accounts like 5-minute crafts, Blossom, and Troom Troom have millions of followers that enjoy watching their short videos. The 60-second clips of these channels show quick ways to solve everyday problems. Moreover, you can extend the scope of your how-to projects and post easy tutorials on how to make artwork. These videos can become very successful on the platform. You can help them further by visiting, the best site to buy Instagram likes.

#5 Behind the Scenes Images and Footage

An interesting type of post is that of behind the scenes imagery. Usually, this works perfectly if you have a shot of the final scene and an image from behind the scenes. This lets users discover the tips and tricks that creators use to achieve the impressive results they normally see. In the image above, the user has uploaded a short video where he shows the filming process and the final scene at the same time. The result is very impressive and for this reason, the video has thousands of views in just 10 hours.

#6 Post a Throwback Photo

This is quite an old trend on social media that is still going strong. However, this type of post should be timed at an important day or event, like family holidays and birthdays. The throwback photos aim to show how different or the same you are, despite the years that have passed by. When you post a photo from your past, don’t forget to include the specific hashtags, such as #throwbackthursday, #throwback, and #tbt.

#7 Laugh at your Mistakes

Every creator is also a human that makes mistakes. So, instead of deleting your failed shots, you can create an interesting post where you laugh at them. This shows a relatable side of you that your audience will appreciate. This type of content brings you closer to the users that follow you as you get to show them that you are exactly like them. Bring your relatable content to more users by visiting, the best site to buy Instagram likes.

#8 No Makeup Selfie

Another type of post that gets a lot of attention on Instagram is the no-makeup selfie. This photograph supports the body positive movement as it promotes that natural beauty comes from inside, no matter the body type. A selfie like this shows that you care about social issues and that your beauty comes from within and not from artificial means. These selfies are usually accompanied by the hashtags #nomakeup, #nofilter, and #naturalbeauty. Therefore, you should make sure that you include them in your caption.

#9 A Short Video of You Trying Something New

It doesn’t matter what activity you are trying for the first time. If you show your experience on Instagram, the short video is going to get a lot of likes. This is because many users like to discover different activities by people who dare to try something new. This type of post requires a bit more work than other post ideas. However, once you are done with it, the result is going to be very rewarding.

#10 A Quote that Inspires you

There is nothing better than sharing a quote that means something to you. This can be a quote from your favorite book, from your favorite author, musician, or actor, and even a quote from someone you know. Furthermore, more and more users are uploading quotes taken from Twitter. If you choose to do this, make sure that you include the name of the person that has initially said it.

These original post ideas will bring something new to your Instagram account. Regardless of what you choose to post, make sure that you increase your engagement from the best site to buy Instagram likes, such as