How many times it has happened to you that you clicked a beautiful picture, but it lacks details. Or does it have a noise that leaves you frustrated?

Nothing can bring back the perfect image, you might think. But you have no idea what Artificial Intelligence can do these days.

Yes, you can polish any blurry, noisy, shaken image and bring it back to life. How? Glad you asked.

Topaz Labs have some great tools and plugins that do wonders to the images that you were about to move to trash. No more losing pictures, as you can fix it with these fantastic tools.

5 Best Topaz Lab Tools and Plugins:

All these tools are Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning enriched. Let’s find you a well-suited tool/plugin that can save your pictures from getting discarded.

TOPAZ Sharpen AI

Sharpen AI to sharpen blurry areas of the picture by reducing the noise and giving realistic edits.

The tool is available as both standalone or as a plugin to pair with Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, or Topaz studio.

The user interface is super comfortable, and you can select the mode of editing, such as manual or auto. A sharpen mode will do the regular sharpening, stabilize mode will fix the shaken area, and focus mode will tweak minor blurs.

The resulting image will be perfect.

This tool is well suited for wedding photography, wildlife, or sports photography.

Price – You can get Sharpen AI for around $79.99.


It’s annoying when a JPEG file limits your editing creativity, right? JPEG can never push itself the way a RAW file does.

And that’s what this tool gives you, a modern RAW file by restoring lower megapixels from JPEG to higher quality.

The Machine Learning algorithm will enhance the color combination. You can also control saturation and vibrance without losing the quality of the picture.

You can restore pictures clicked by DSLR or Smartphone, which makes this tool suitable for experts and amateurs.

Price – $99.99 is a good investment for this tool.

TOPAZ Gigapixel AI

This one is a super helpful pixel enhancer. You can enlarge the photo details to edit it without losing any effects or focus.

When you zoom the picture, is it getting blurry? Gigapixel AI can polish that image. The tool lets you recover cropped photos as well.

Gigapixel AI enlarges the image by up to 600%, that too by maintaining quality.

Price – Your pixel-enriched images are just $99.99 away.

TOPAZ Denoise AI

As the name talks a lot about itself, the tool reduces noisy areas of the image. Blurry or noisy clicks happen a lot when you take pictures with high ISO or from smartphones.

Now, there’s no need to hit the delete button on these images as you can denoise it with Topaz.

The tool is easy to use, serves both DSLR clicks or smartphone clicks, and is suitable to everyone.

Price – Fix all noisy pictures; the tool is available for $79.99.

TOPAZ Studio 2

Last but not least, the latest version of TOPAZ studio. Studio 2 is the whole suite of editing, either available as a standalone tool or Lightroom plugin.

You get to use a fantastic range of add-on tools, filters, presets to experience non-destructive layer editing.

Price – It’s a perfect tool to learn picture editing, turn your creativity into more realistic images in just $99.99

TOPAZ tools are pretty much budget-friendly. You can either buy a plugin to pair with Adobe photoshop or get yourself a whole editing suite. Either way, the time of discarding images is over.