There is an entire procedure defined when you have to produce the YouTube tutorial, once you follow this, you will not face any hassle.


The first thing which you have to do is to export the video. It is better not to use the preset options as it can make the effect of the video darker than normal. The details which you are using in the tutorial can be a blur so make sure that you export it into the high-quality type of video. Click on the “Custom Product Setting: and then press the add/edit preset. Now create the new present and then name the video as you want such as “HD” or “Custom”.

Next, you have to choose the format of the video. It is better to keep the video in the AVI format as it exports the high-quality videos with the natural brightness. Next, you will be seeing the option for frames. Set it on the 15 frames per second so that the video plays nicely even on the smaller screen. You can set the rate to 30 fps which is reasonable for the larger screens as well.

Next, you have to create the file subtitle of YouTube video by using any software. The software Aegisub is perfect for it and it is free of cost as well. It helps in exporting the subtitles in the art format for the video.

Uploading YouTube tutorial

The first thing which you have to add is the title and the description for the tutorial. Remember that it needs to be attractive so that people click on it. it should keep the necessary keywords and content which are most likely to be search related to the tutorial video which you have. Create the title up to 70 characters which will be seen in the result of the YouTube videos. Remember that only the first 40 characters are shown when the audience is searching for the relevant videos. Add the description of the video within three lines so that the viewers can quickly know what the video is about. Also, make sure to use keywords.

Add the tags to the video which help the video appear through the keyword searching on YouTube. It helps the target audient to have the results of the same topics which they are searching. Make the privacy settings to public so anyone can view the video and you can build the audience. It will appear to anyone anywhere who is operating YouTube for the tutorial which you have uploaded.

Encourage the audience to subscribe to the channel through the annotation or do youtube promotion. It is like the guide for the audience or an alert for them to subscribe so they can receive all the information about any new video which you may upload instantly. It helps them view it instantly and also brings up relevant other videos uploaded by you which they may like.

Grouping the videos helps the viewers in finding them easily when it is about tutorials. They don’t have to look for individual videos. So make sure to group them which allows the audience to view additional views instantly as a step for the tutorials without any trouble.