Electronic waste is also called e-waste. You need to avoid the environmental and health hazards which are due to the e-waste. Decrease new purchases, recycle, reuse, and repair unused electronic equipment and gadgets. You should not waste electronic surplus.

1. Sell Old Electronic Gadgets

It is the easiest and best method of decreasing the e-waste that’s to sell your electronic equipment and gadgets to people in need.

In case you’re planning to sell your electronic gadget, you find some buyer as they’ll have an opportunity to buy the same gadget at a lower price instead of if it was new. So, you can have easy money while the buyer will get a nice electronic gadget. It will be a win for both of you.

2. Donate old Electronic Gadgets

To donate electronic gadgets to some needy people is a very good practice that mostly people are following. It gives the electronics a new life as well as it does make you feel happy about yourself.

In case you want to donate the old electronics if you do not want those anymore then ensure to clear out any personal information (such as data in the laptop hard drive).

3. Reduce Purchases of New Electronics

The very first line of its defense in reducing electronic waste is to decrease shopping of new electronic gadgets & electrical equipment. You have to consider twice before purchasing some new electronic device when its new or upgrade version becomes available in the market. Not purchasing new gadgets is very good for your wallet and the environment.

4. Repair Your Electronic Gadgets

If electrical equipment and electronic devices break down, then it is possible that you repair them. People might select to toss the old device out & purchase a new one because this seems quite cheaper as well as less hassle.

While one thinks that the retail prices don’t include the expense of environmental risk & health issues that are due to dumping electronic waste in the landfills and/or recycling, then, a new replacement is not a cheaper one.

It might need a bit more efforts to repair your item or just have that repaired. There’s always a movement for do-this-yourself electronic device repair that is beneficial for empowering people, environment, & saves money as well.

5. Recycling of Electronic Gadgets

Electronic waste has valuable materials and toxic substances. Hence, you could recycle it safely by finding best places to sell used laptop and other electronics, in order to appropriately recover the metals as well as other materials for dispose and reuse of the toxins.

6. Purchase Energy Star Rated Electronic Gadgets

To invest in environmental friendly electronic devices have a lot of interdependent advantages. The Energy Star rated gadgets consume less energy that ultimately decreases the electricity bills significantly. Moreover, they use less energy. So, this keeps a close check on the energy or resource depletion by limiting the over-utilization. This indirectly can save your environment by decreasing the load on energy or resources’ extraction as well as depletion.