“SKY Castle” JTBC (Image Source: Hancinema.net)


“Sky Castle” is an apartment building in the suburbs of Seoul, where outstanding professionals are the inhabitants of that apartment. There you can find a wide variety, from doctors to judges, or prosecutors, even teachers, and their wives.

These wives have prestigious and highly educated backgrounds as they come from wealthy families, some grew up in families with multiple generations of doctors or lawyers. They will make every effort to have their children admitted to respected universities and fight to raise their children like all princes and princesses of their house.

Han Seo Jin’s husband is orthopedic surgeon Kang Joon-Sang. Together they have two daughters. Han Seo-Jin keeps a secret behind that perfect life that she appears to be.

Lee Soo Im is married to neurosurgeon Hwang Chi-Young and they have one son. She is a woman who writes children’s books and who has a lot of appreciation and deep respect for people in general.

No Seung Hye is married to Professor Cha Min-Hyuk, who lives talking about justice and happiness, but this is only in appearance because he hides the opposite side, he is an extremely selfish man. Together they have two children.

Jin Jin Hee comes from a golden cradle, her family is very rich, her father owns buildings. Jin Jin-Hee has great admiration for Han Seo-Jin and does her best to imitate her and like Han Seo-Jin, she is married to an orthopedic surgeon named Woo Yang-Woo.



“Han Seo Jin” SKY Castle, JTBC (Image Source: Hancinema.net)

Yum Jung Ah as Han Seo Jin

Elegance and more elegance does not fully describe her, a woman at the same level as an Imperial lady. She is the only daughter of a man and a woman who come from prestigious families who were managers of the Sydney Mortgage Bank. She emigrated at the age of eleven and graduated from the Department of Education at the University of Sydney. She managed to enter the magnificent Castle of Heaven when her husband is promoted to Senior Professor at Junnam University, she provides a perfect education for her daughters according to her husband’s standards and Han Seo Jin is the perfect target of envy in the castle of heaven.

She is a perfect and impeccable housewife who has raised her daughters and has never lost her first position as learning manager of both of them. She does not intend to be a housewife forever but to be a creator of princesses, but she is not an ordinary princess who is helpless and wants a prince to come and kiss her, no, far from it. She wants to be a princess with a lot of power and who in turn raises her two daughters as y the princesses who will be the queens of the world.

“Lee Soo Im” SKY Castle, JTBC (Image Source: Hancinema.net)

Lee Tae Ran as Lee Soo Im

She is an honest woman with a refreshing personality who lives like a fountain in spring, she loves trees and flowers. She has been married for about six years to her husband Hwang Chi Young, who grew up together with her in a kindergarten. Her mother died very young, who had been suffering from a long-standing illness. She is very happy to be married to her husband who makes her laugh a lot. Although she has become a stalker among the ladies of Sky Castle for the leadership of Han Seo Jin, likewise and thanks to Sky Castle, she became a mentor who is loved as an idol among children.

“No Seung Hye” SKY Castle, JTBC (Image Source: Hancinema.net)

Yoon Se Ah as No Seung Hye

She is a full-time housewife, she was a “kind” schoolgirl who lived under the submission of her father, who had been a member of the Army Chiefs of Staff and a parliamentarian in the ruling party. Unlike her father, she did not dislike Cha Min Hyuk, who was logical and intelligent.

After getting a doctorate in literature, her dream of being a professor of “Humanities” at a university is also a dream her husband actively supported. Her husband’s value is very different from her own. She always struggles with her son’s entrance exam, who is rejected by her husband’s wishes and can never avoid it because even though she is compared to Han Seo Jin she cannot express herself in the same way as she does.

“Jin Jin Hee” SKY Castle, JTBC (Image Source: Hancinema.net)

Oh Na Ra as Jin Jin Hee

She has a passionate face, sexy, charming and beautiful at the same time, colorful accessories, the primary color of the brightly colored party clothes is her taste. She graduated from the Dissemination Department with the aim of being more moving than Paris Hilton. She is married to a husband who she met through a top-notch marriage information company and allowed her to become a doctor’s wife.

SKY Castle” takes over the JTBC time slot on Fridays and Saturdays at 11 pm, the writer is Yoo Hyun-Mi and his last drama was in 2014 “Bridal Mask“. The satirical plot takes hold of us when we see “Sky Castle“, which has a very good cast and whose name not only derives from the impressive apartments where the characters live but also makes a wink to the three main universities of Korea, which are known as the SKY universities.

This satirical comedy-drama will depict the sadness and jealousy of four ambitious rich housewives and is quite well accepted by the Korean audience and whose chapters are sometimes a bit absurd but manage to develop the story in an entertaining and skillful way.

A curious element is that the young and novice actors of the “SKY Castle” have been stealing the show. This avant-garde cast is led by Kim Hye Yoon, Chani of SF9, Kim Bo Ra, Kim Dong Hee, Jo Byung Kyu, Lee Ji Won, Lee Yoo Jin and Song Geon Hee, who have stunned viewers with their solid acting talent.