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Acne-Prone Skin and Clearing Up Scars

The Guide to Looking After Acne-Prone Skin and Clearing Up Scars

Teenagers, both boys, and girls suffer from acne. When there’s a spike in hormones during those important years of change, it has been accepted...

Paul McCartney returns to London after Japan hospitalization

British superstar and former Beatle Paul McCartney have finally returned to London after being hospitalized while on tour in Japan. He was forced to...
Headphones 2019

Definitive Guide to Picking the Best Headphones in 2019

In this digital age, technology is advancing day by day. Every day we see new advancements being made in the fields of electronics. With...
Co-living New York City

Co-living in NYC: Is It for Me?

People traveling to New York will find the affordable option for accommodation is co-living. Many people refer to co-living spaces as adult dorm rooms...

These Three Maui Mansions Will Blow You Away

To all the travel freaks out there, if you have chosen Maui as your next trip destination, I can assure you that you are...
DramaFever Alternatives

DramaFever is gone! DramaFever Alternatives: Where can you watch your Korean Dramas online?

Okay, so don't panic... yet. So you went to see your favorite drama on stream in "DramaFever" the platform that has been providing for...

Park Shin Hye’s new drama “Memories of the Alhambra”

first of all, I must say... I LOVE Park Shin Hye, she was the first Korean actress I ever saw, she is beautiful, she...
what is addiction

Top Asian Celebrities Struggling with Addictions

Many countries in the Asian continent have widely been admired for their stern laws and regulations of drug and substance abuse. Just recently, the...

How to Host a Successful celebrity Event

If you have been assigned with a task of organizing a celebrity event, know that it is going to be quite stressful besides all...

Why Taste Matters for Fluoride Varnish

Fluoride varnish is used to fight tooth decay in children. When we think fluoride varnish most of us often think of dentists applying an...