Kang Daniel (Image from entertain.naver.com)

Wanna one’s Daniel and actor Jung Woo Sung participated in this year “Letter From Angels” campaign, photographer Jo Se Hyun posted a few pictures with the hashtag #LetterfromAngels #TheLastLetterFromAngels. He posted the pictures and said “The gallery will open soon”

Jung Woo Sung (Image from entertain.naver.com)
Kang Daniel (Image from entertain.naver.com)

Daniel smiled sweetly as he embraced the baby tenderly, giving a warm image to the baby’s future parents.

The photo exhibition for “Letter from Angels” campaing, is a project that was first established in 2003 to find a loving family for orphans and raise awareness. Photographer Cho Se Hyun started the “Letters From Angels” project, which featured celebrities with orphan babies celebrating their 100th day. (In Korea, a baby’s 100th day is celebrated as a special time in a newborn’s life; historically, it meant the baby had survived the most vulnerable period of infancy which used to be marked with a high death rate.) The project is a domestic campaign to encourage adoption within Korea.

 In particular, it was announced that this photo exhibition was the last, which makes it even more significant this year, kang Daniel and Jung Woo Sung show the power of celebrities with positive influence in society. The photo exhibition will be held at the Ghana Insight Center in Seoul on November 21st to the 26th.