An ever-increasing number of the world’s netizens are becoming fans of Korean pop culture, known as Hallyu. k-dramas include historical drama and contemporary series that are subtitled, yet provide insight into Korean history, traditional and modern culture and their impact socially. These include The Lonely and Great God: Goblin, starring Gong Yoo and there are many romantic dramas include Her Private Life starring Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young for those who self-described as “suckers for romance.” For those K-fan addicts, there are a number of great gift ideas.

Signed memorabilia

Whatever the occasion you are looking to celebrate, a piece of signed memorabilia you’re your K fan’s favorite star is going to be a hit. If you are celebrating a significant occasion like a wedding or are looking for anniversary ideas for a milestone date, you may want to collect the signature in person with a guided tour of Seoul with a K-fan expert who will know all about the artists. Even if you are not a great fan, such a trip will see your beloved so happy. And you also get to experience a traditional Korean lunch

KDrama Subscription Gift

A KDrama fan subscription to their favorite streaming site means they can view their favorite shows without adverts. Netflix has joined the list of sites that show Korean Dramas, but Viki is perhaps the most popular online streaming platform for overseas audiences that offers viewers English subtitles. Shows available include Descendants of the Sun; While You Were Sleeping; Goblin; Bride of Habaek; The Night Watchman’s Journal; A Korean Odyssey; Kill Me Heal Me; Healer; Scarlet Heart: Ryeo and Legend of the Blue Sea.

For those watching their favorite shows on a small screen, add an HDMI Cable for Laptop or HDMI cable adapter for iPhone so they can watch on a television screen.

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KDrama clothing

To celebrate their love of KDrama, choose a T-Shirt that makes this adoration public, such as “I Turned off My KDrama to Be Here”; “Single, Taken, Goblin’s Bride”, because single fangirls are not really single, they are just waiting for Oppa (which roughly translates as “boyfriend” in Korean) or a simple “KDrama and Chill”. This is a thoughtful gift, particularly if you are not a K-fan.

Korean Foods

Many KDramas have introduced Korean snacks that some of us do not know. If your K-fan is curious about these delicious snacks, a Korean snack box would be a great gift for when they watch the next episodes. These can include choco pie, spicy or kimchi ramyun bowl, choco heim with hazelnut or ready-prepared boxes.

A promise of a meal at a local Korean restaurant or a gift certificate if you want them to go with someone else, will add to their enjoyment of their favorite shows as they deepen their understanding of Korean cuisine. Otherwise, search out a best-selling Korean cookbook where they can try out unique ingredients and special tools for authentic meals at home.

Korean language lessons

As a Korean Drama or K-Pop fan, there comes the point that you realize that subtitles are not that great. For those wanting to learn the language, there are several learning options through the use of books or online learning programs.

Clothes or Jewellery from Korean Dramas

As Korean Drama is becoming more popular, it is now possible to buy a bag, clothing, or jewelry that has been worn by the stars. If you want a bracelet from A Korean Odyssey or a backpack from The Heirs, it is possible to search out many ideas online, particularly on Instagram.