QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting software, especially among small and medium businesses and for good reason. It throws in several tools and functions that other software find difficult to incorporate. Many businesses are opting for QuickBooks hosting for greater capabilities. When QuickBooks is hosted on the cloud, it becomes a much more potent tool for accountants, CPAs, and small and medium businesses.

Here are some of the advantages of QuickBooks hosting.

Lower IT infrastructure costs

Cutting costs is the most important priority of small and medium businesses. Moving QuickBooks to cloud reduces the costs involved in running the application as the requirement of a dedicated system is eliminated at the client end. Additionally, QuickBooks on cloud benefits from remote support and upgrades meaning businesses would require fewer resources.

Better prepared for Backups and Disasters

Most businesses have to dedicate resources for protecting data and other assets against disasters. Small and medium businesses have limited funds and skills. Cloud technology helps ease some of the burdens off their shoulders as the data is stored in secure servers with data duplication. Also, there is end-to-end data encryption for all transfers.

Best possible security

Physical devices are vulnerable to theft and tamper, especially when they do not meet stringent compliance requirements. This implies that data stored on laptops or mobiles can be stolen relatively easily. However, information on the cloud-based desktop as a service is much more secure with strong authentication measures. These authentication measures can also be implemented in such a way that different users have different access capabilities ensuring that the right users have the right access to the appropriate files.

Enhanced collaboration capabilities

Installing QuickBooks on the cloud makes collaboration easy for accountants, bookkeepers, and remote employees. Sharing data becomes a lot easier, even when stakeholders are working on different systems. QuickBooks on cloud eliminates the need to manually copy and sync files enhancing the ability to collaborate more seamlessly.

Superior accessibility

QuickBooks hosting removes the dependence on devices for accessibility as there is no installation involved on physical devices. Instead, the software is installed on virtual desktops that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, and by anyone with the credentials. Importantly, the software is installed on high-speed servers that ensure that there is no lag in accessing data. This also ensures that there is sufficient space to accommodate integrations with other applications to enhance application functionality.

Environment sustainability

Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of their operations on the environment. Using cloud technology reduced the carbon footprint to a fair extent. There is a lesser consumption of electricity when there is a pooling of resources. Besides, employees will not have to travel to the office to access their data, which indirectly reduces pollution in different ways.


QuickBooks hosting gives businesses significant advantages over their competitors as it allows them to react to changes faster. It makes businesses lean and agile. Importantly, it supports all QuickBooks versions like QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise. With lower resource requirements and better capabilities, QuickBooks hosting is certainly worth the money you invest in it.