Hwang Ji Sung is a skilled swindler, whose life is affected by his father’s murder, discovering that the culprit is a world-class swindler who faked his death after a large-scale scam, he devises an ingenious and risky plan to avenge his father, However, Prosecutor Park Hee Soo is also behind the same scammer, his sole objective is to cover up a corruption scandal and murder him. This is why when they cross paths and realize that they have the same objective, they form a dangerous alliance full of lies and hidden motives.


Hyun Bin as Hwang Ji Sung

He is a very clever swindler, who inherited his skills from his father who was also a swindler, he possesses great intelligence, he is very ingenious, analytical and a bit reckless, who only swindles other swindlers and therefore always lives on the run, however the death of his father gives another perspective to his ability and now he does not use it to get money but to fulfill his only goal: kill the man who killed his father and thus avenge his death, without caring to put his life in grave danger.

Yoo Ji Tae as Prosecutor Park Hee Soo

Prosecutor Park Hee Soo possess great influence and power, responsible for the fraud case committed by Jang Do Chil and especially to cover up the filth of his superiors and his own; he is an intimidating man, very dominant and arrogant, has great character, mental acuity and determination. He does not mind to pass over others in order to accomplish his objectives, and if necessary, finish with anyone who gets in his way.

Bae Sung Woo as Go Suk Dong

He could be described as Park Hee Soo right hand, he shows a deep fear rather than loyalty  towards his boss, he is in charge of doing all the dirty jobs for the prosecutor,  he completely mistrusts Hwang Ji Sung as he has a past story with him and he is the leader of Choon Ja and Chief Kim.

Nana as Choon Ja

The female character in this story, she is a risky woman, who has a lot of cunning and naughtiness, this allows her to be the distraction element of this team, of course, she has a great appearance, which allows them to solve problems the way only a woman can do. She loves fine jewelry and also has alcohol issues.

Ahn Se Ha as Chief  Kim

He is the Hacker and tech expert of the team, he is in charge of investigations, and the follow-up in the persecutions, in addition, he has a good relationship with Choon Ja.

Park Sung Woong as Kwak Seung Gun

A great businessman, responsible for laundering Jang Do Chil’s money and the only way to destroy him, he is a very clever businessman but with one apparent weakness… Choon Ja.


2008 is the key year in which this story begins to develop, in this year more than thirty thousand people were victims of the biggest pyramidal scheme of the history by part of multiphase companies founded by Jang Do Chil, a fraud to great scale that culminated in the suicide of many people cruelly deceived by Jang Do Chil ; Hwang Ji Sung also makes his first appearance who is being pursued by some scammers he mislead, but cleverly manages to escape and slip to the place where his father is, Hwang Yoo Seok, a forger of passports, who is doing his last job for no other than Jang Do Chil, in the course of the same he is murdered, giving way to a vengeful persecution by his son.

8 years after these events the story begins, introducing other characters, starting with the group of cunning fraudsters and main assistants of Prosecutor Park Hee Soo in the chase of Jang Do Chil, Go Suk Dong, Choon Ja and Chief Kim, this unique and humorous group shows a good chemistry and complicity between them to cheat a jeweler, pretending to be two policemen who set a trap to Choon Ja, who was doing her part of the scam playing a robber. Similarly, Prosecutor Park Hee Soo can be observed arresting a powerful member of the police involved with the Jang Do Chil scam, giving a press conference on the current situation of the case and showing some of his intimidating and arrogant personality.

Prosecutor Park Hee Soo meets with his group of scammers to investigate and capture Lee Kang Seok currently a real estate scammer (an important man in the plot) who is one of the major players in Jang Do Chil’s big scam and who may have the list of bribes rumored from Jang’s ledger; By arresting Lee Kang Seok, Prosecutor Park Hee Soo finds out that he was a scam victim by Choi Chang Sik and by giving way to his search they discover that it is Ji Sung disguised as an old man and apparently, looking for more than just money. In a frantic and risky pursuit, Prosecutor Park and his group manage to capture Ji Sung; after a rigorous interrogation, he reveals to them that he only wants to use Lee Kang Seok as bait to capture Jang Do Chil, because he only faked his death in China and he wants to avenge his father, to this, Prosecutor Park Hee Soo asks him to work together to achieve the death of Jang Do Chil and he accepts only on the condition that he is the one who kills him.

Under Ji Sung’s direction, this team elaborates a plan that will lead them to Jang Do Chill and in the course of the plot,  secrets, and intentions from both parts are revealed.


This is an entertaining story for all action, drama, crime and ingenious deception lovers. “The Swindlers” has the advantage of counting with outstanding performances like the iconic actor Yoo Ji Tae playing Prosecutor Park Hee Soo, in my opinion, was the best of the film; And it is that his character stands out in all his scenes, whether showing an unbreakable persistence in following the tracks to Jang Do Chil or unleashing his fury against his superiors, and  Fiscal Park is so intimidating that it’s scary to watch, he’s also so cold and calculating that you just come to hate the man, Yoo Ji Tae made an excellent interpretation living his character, showing his performance ability. Honestly when I saw the movie trailer it didn’t occur to me that he would be an antagonist in the movie, when the movie started I thought that maybe he would become closer with Hyun Bin’s character but nothing further from reality, Yoo Ji Tae’s character ended up being a true villain that you wanted to see destroyed as soon as his true nature was discovered.
Of course the star role, Hyun Bin could not stay behind in his performance as Hwang Ji Sung showing the cunning, intelligence that characterized his role, in addition, the group of con artists Bae Sung Woo, Nana and Ahn Se Ha, gave so much jocosity to the film, bringing that touch of comedy and mischief, which allowed to enliven the scenes while they delivered good performances to the audience. Of course not everything was perfect,what “The Swindlers” had in good interpretations, is exceeded in Deus Ex Machina, Ji Sung had everything so perfectly controlled that at one point it became predictable, and it is true that this gives much genius to his character and is part of this film, but it takes away much realism, it would have been very interesting to see him get out of a complicated situation he did not see coming, exploiting his cunning and mental acuity, giving more drama to the plot, without taking away all its genius.
Another very important aspect for me was the mysterious and omnipresent character of Jang Do Chil, he is mentioned all the time throughout the film and the story revolves around catching HIM and he NEVER makes an apparition, I awaited with great expectation for his great apparition, but he never truly arrived, okay,  I liked the end and that change of plot with Ji Sung setting up all that farce to bring down the real culprit for the death of his father and be able to avenge him and the others affected by Jang Do Chil scheme, but I expected more of this character and in the end, it became clear that he was just a big bluff that distracted us from the real culprit.


Of course, I recommend it, although we have already seen the story of the criminal who hunts other criminals many times, the good performances, the plot turns (although sometimes predictable, I accept them) and the action makes this movie an excellent selection for a night full of action.