Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms among users of all ages. It helps people stay connected through photos and videos shared on their profiles. While Instagram is a good platform for bloggers and content creators to reach more audiences, it is equally useful for businesses of all scales and kinds to target their clients. In fact, many businesses are moving to the said platform to build a profile and make sales from it.

Tips to Grow Your Instagram Account

When a user, whether an individual or an organization, builds an Instagram profile, they have to follow a given set of marketing strategies to grow their Instagram account and broaden their reach. There are different tips that users can follow to grow their Instagram accounts. These include growing Instagram organically, using Instagram promotion software such as bots, and lastly, paying to enhance the reach of well-performing posts. Each of these tips has been elaborated in detail below.

Growing Instagram Organically

The first tip to grow your Instagram account is by creating good quality content that catches the attention of target masses and compels them to follow the account for future posts. This is called organic growth.

Organic growth requires well-planned content to be published over a certain period of time to keep people coming back to the said account and stay hooked to its posts. The content can be created in audio or visual form and may accompany links leading to a target website. The post must include appropriate hashtags to help users find it.

Other than this, people need to engage with other accounts and their posts too. Like, follow, comment, or repost their stories. Using geo-location in stories and posts, tagging friends, and intended business partners, using alternate text to help your images rank and all other SEO technicalities shall be followed to make sure that the account keeps appearing in recommendations and search results. This is the best way to gain real followers who will stick with an account because of the content it churns out.

Using Instagram Bots

The second tip you can use to grow your Instagram account is by taking the help of Instagram Bots. These bots help in Instagram promotion by engaging with the account’s posts and stories and gathering likes and follow requests for them. Instagram bots behave just like humans do except for the fact that they are not humans and are programmed to drive traffic to the account which has employed their services.

Paid Ads

The third and last tip to grow your Instagram account is by sponsoring one of your best-performing posts. Typically, Instagram analytics can be used to help identify the best-performing post, and marketers usually advise to sponsor them to get further likes. The paid content shows a small line saying ‘Sponsored’ at the top of the post appearing in a user’s feed.


Instagram users, whether they are celebrities, bloggers or business owners who wish to grow their accounts reach can use any of the above-mentioned tips.