Movies and television series are much more criticized for their lack of racial diversity. Social media platforms such as YouTube have done a great job in proving itself to be diverse, enabling people of every ethnicity to upload and share their contents and a shot at online stardom. Many communities, Asians, in particular, have used YouTube very effectively, and today, we will be taking a look at the top 10 highest earning Asian YouTubers and the marketing strategy that has helped them to achieve the status quo. Sometimes many YouTubers buys marketing service from service providers like BuyTrueFollowers to organically promote their channel.


This comedy channel on YouTube is created by Ryan Higa, an Asian-American. The name of the channel is a combination of the Japanese word “Niga” which means rant and his last name “Higa” Ryan made a name for himself with his awesome “How to be” videos. With over 19 million subscribers on YouTube, Ryan has become an icon in the YouTube community.


With over 15 million subscribers on YouTube, Canadian-Indian Lily Singh is best known for her one-woman skits. She was ranked 3rd by Forbes’ in the category of highest-paid YouTube stars. In addition, she is recognized by many marketers regarding her skills to use YouTube analytics.

Michelle Phan:

Michelle is one of the leading makeup artists on YouTube and has made over 8 million subscribers with her beauty tutorial videos on YouTube. Michelle is also behind the online beauty community, “ipsy”.


Asian-American Freddie Wong is forth on our list with over7 million YouTube subscribers. He is best known for his online series “Video Game High School”. His web series has garnered a lot of love and critical acclamation over the years winning several awards.


Japanese YouTube influencer, Hajime has over 5 million YouTube subscribers on his channel and is best known as the hilarious prankster. He provides his audience with the trendiest of topics and products with uncensored commentary.


With over 4 million YouTube subscribers, Hikakin is a Japanese YouTube celebrity. His channels include “Hikakintv”, “HikakiGames” and “HikakiBlog”. Hikakin has played alongside several huge artists including Aerosmith and Ariana Grande. He is a music composer and beatboxer. Sometimes people are removed from YouTube for offensive videos and comments like this.


The popular channel Domics is created by the talented flash animator, Dominic Panganiban. Dominic has over 4 million subscribers on YouTube, and he uses his comics to entertain his audience with some simple and clean graphics.

Yuka Kinoshita:

The first foodie on the list, Yuka Kinoshita is best known for her ability to consume an endless amount of food. Her ability has attracted viewers from all corner of the globe and she has accumulated over 3 million subscribers on her Youtube channel.


Another beauty channel on this list. Bubzbeauty is created by Lindy Tsang who is best known for her beauty and makeup tutorials. She is one of the most established YouTuber in her niche with over 3 million subscribers on her channel.

Wong Fu Productions:

Last but not the least, we have “Wong Fu Productions”, the intellectual child of filmmakers, Wesley Chan, Ted Fu, and Phillip Wang. Their YouTube channel has over 2.8 million subscribers. The trio is best known for their short films and wonderful sketches.