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South Korean Instagramers are the new world frenzy! Everyone is obsessed with the idol movement, pretty young people who are promoting new beauty and success standards. But lots of Korean Instagram accounts are still unknown to the rest of the world. We feel the need to fill this gap and show you the top-10 Instagram influencers from South Korea.

These people are wonderful professionals in different areas, or they are just looking gorgeous. No matter: they still conquer the minds and hearts and gather thousands of likes per day. Meet the top-10 Instagram stars with our short review for each!

  1. Talk To Me In Korean with Hyunwoo

The reason for this blog’s popularity is obvious. Lots of people want to learn Korean, but learning the language in a fun way and with a native speaker is much easier and more interesting. Also, the blog is multilanguage by its nature because it is dedicated to learning a language.

Hyunwoo and his team work really hard to keep their Instagram account on top. These people have already created or gathered books, videos, and podcasts, personalized the schedule for the different levels of students, and doing much more! This is a great job even for a full-fledged language school, not only for a bunch of enthusiasts.

  1. Korean Self-Study Isn’t Lame by Matthew Smith

Another language blog with a more no-nonsense approach. It is popular in South Korea, but (and that’s amazing) it wasn’t made by Korean, hence the name. Mattew Smith has learned the Korean language from scratch by himself and teaches the others how to replicate his success. He moved to Korea and back to his homeland several times and showed both cultures in his posts and stories.

Unfortunately, now this blog looks abandoned because Mattew has already mastered Korean and closed his online diary. But it is a great experience to watch, a great success story to admire, and no wonder that even Korean people love Mattew’s Instagram because of the sheer respect he shows to their culture and language.

  1. The Korean of Ask A Korean

The cultural blog that started as a question-answer session for foreigners is now popular in the Korean Instagram world, too. It started as a reference to Ask a Mexican blog, where a Mexican dude answered different questions regarding culture, habits, and interesting Mexican traditions. The author of its Korean counterpart, who calls himself just “The Korean,” does the same.

Now “The Korean” works in Los Angeles as a lawyer, and it’s time for him to answer the questions of his Korean fellows about the Western culture, the differences between Korean and Western approaches, and other stuff that may be interesting for young people in the world of growing globalization. “The Korean” keeps a light-hearted writing style, his posts are always entertaining, but it is always serious research behind them. Possibly, that is one of the reasons that made his Instagram account so popular.

  1. A Fat Girl’s Food Guide with Gemma Wardle

We don’t see a lot of Korean names here, right. But the people who have English Instagram accounts are usually those who came to Korea from other parts of the world. Gemma moved to Korea as an English teacher several years ago and fell in love with the local cuisine. She has an incredible talent for showing the food from just the right angle, both literally and metaphorically.

Gemma is so popular in the Korean Instagram segment that she was repeatedly invited to different radio shows and even TV shows. The fun fact is that the A Fat Girl’s Food Guide is an inaccurate name now because Gemma has lost lots of weight since she started blogging about the healthy and tasty local food.

  1. Discovering Korea with Matt Kelly

This blog is an award-winner, named by the Korea Tourism Organization. It was a great way to show how much Matt does for the popularization of Korea among the rest of the world. The general stories and posts are mixed with more practical advice there. Matt Kelly knows where to go, what to see, and how much is to stay. Actually, he creates an always updating travel guide that is so appealing that it has already inspired lots of people to visit Korea.

Matt is also a talented photographer, so he shows what he sees so wonderfully that you have no chance not to fall in love with this place immediately. He also learns a lot about the place he is going to show and then shares this knowledge with the audience, leaving some hints that something is left for them to investigate personally. This approach is very intriguing.

  1. The Seoul Beats Team

K-Pop is one of the most popular topics that come into mind when you think about Korea. Korean popular culture is different from the Western one in many ways, but it is definitely equally energetic and bright. The Seoul Beats Team account is dedicated to the best sides of K-Pop culture, satiating the curiosity of Western society.

This account tells a lot of inside stories, gossips, and solid facts – everything you may want to know about the celebrities! The peculiarities of the idol culture, new hit songs, lots of drama, and personal relationships. They are actually a pop culture magazine but on Instagram.

  1. Grand Narrative by James Turnbull

Korean culture isn’t only a light-hearted comics and pop music culture. Korea is a strong country with deep political traditions and its own role in world politics. James Turnbull shows the darker side of Korea. Anything from social tendencies to feminism to advertising to the very principles of the local society is an object of discussion here. This blog was mentioned by various major world magazines and channels such as CNN, Washington Post, and other equally important ones.

Though the topic is by no means funny, James manages to present the serious sociopolitical issues in a way that is interesting for most of the audience. He has a professional approach but doesn’t overload his posts with facts and terms. Grand Narrative is a great blog for those who want to learn more than shown on the shining posters about South Korea.

  1. Your Boyhood by Hung Sukwoo

Returning to the light-hearted topics: Your Boyhood is a great Instagram blog about men’s fashion and style. Created by one of the most popular fashion journalists and photographers in Korea, Hung Sukwoo, it isn’t as glamorous as his professional works, showing more casual applications of the high fashion he writes about at his job.

Despite the name of his Instagram account, Hung Sukwoo is running a cultural magazine about style and fashion. So he does take fashion seriously, often explaining the cultural context or the origins of the different fashion trends. Now Korean men’s fashion is one of the trendiest in the world, so, possibly, we also should have a look at his Instagram account?

  1. Differentcands by Diana Horsfall

This is another fashion blog, but from the female perspective. Diana Horsfall is also a prominent person in the Korean fashion world. A founder of the International Fashion Bloggers in Korea organization, she learns everything she can from Korean fashion, creating stunning photographs of both street and high fashion, showing her own looks, and overlooking the latest trends that are going to influence Korean stores and runways.

Diana Horsfall always provides a perfect quality of her photo and video materials, which makes her blog a valuable source for anyone, either from Korea or the rest of the world, to grasp the local fashion and good Korean taste.

  1. Jina Kim

Starting from her YouTube channel, Jina Kim is now conquering Instagram. She is a director of an international fashion company with headquarters in China and a colleague of Diana Horsfall. She prefers making videos, showing the fashion live, both on her and the people around her.

Jina’s outlooks are always bright and unusual. Though not 100% adhering to Korean style, they always have something interesting, a statement item, that turns an already fashionable look into total eye candy.

Countless blogs from South Korea are trendy both inside the country and all over the world. In this short review, we gathered the best possible authors from different areas so that you can choose something for you no matter if you are a fan of Korean fashion and pop culture (heavily promoted in the Western world) or not.