Modern-day technological advances have made the world open itself up to different cultural influences and embrace them whole-heartedly. One such cultural influence is that of South Korean teen drama movies and series and South Korean pop (also known as the Hallyu wave) on today’s youth. K-pop is popular in Britain, France, and Egypt. Likewise, new Korean drama (popularly known as K-dramas) are the rave with teens these days.

The reason behind their popularity is that these dramas are based on the common themes on topics of gossip, friendships, jealousies, struggles, crushes, and teen romances, which make up good essay titles. Also, they are short and episodic, i.e., comprising 15 to 20 episodes and are perfect for teens who don’t have time to get emotionally invested in dramas having multiple storylines and seasons. Their easier than ever availability on streaming sites like Netflix and Drama Fever and English subtitles are factors that have made K-dramas popular with youngsters. Want to explore the best Korean drama 2019 and wonder where to start from? We have selected a few that you can binge-watch and get some break and even inspiration during your studies:

What to Watch?Themes /topics
Love AlarmTechnology & Romance
At EighteenComing-of-age
Class of LiesSuspense
Something About 1 PercentMutual attraction, love triangle
JumongHistorical saga
Mackerel Run Determination
Prosecutor PrincessComing-of-age
Boys Over FlowersLove triangle
Who Are You: School 2015Mistaken identities


Love Alarm – Samples of Technology Impacting Romance

This is an innovative comedy cum romance that depicts how technology impacts our lives and relationships. The story revolves around two young men taking an interest in the same damsel. The love alarm is an app which one can download on one’s phone, browse profiles, and like them. This app dings every time the object of one’s affection is found to be within the 10-meter radius. This leads to a lot of speculation, confusion, and frustrations. The complex themes of poverty and richness, shyness and outgoingness, hard work and entitlement enrich a seemingly happy-go-lucky plot.

At Eighteen – Youth-Centric Topics and Themes

This Asian drama takes into account the conflicts, prejudices, and loneliness that teens face in a world where grown-ups have made all the rules. The 18-year-old Choi Joon-Woo has relocated from another school on unjustified allegations. He decides to stay away from the crowd and has zero friends at first; however, Choi Joon-Woo can still serve as one of the personal success essay examples for many of us loners. He wants to keep a low profile, but fate has other plans for him in store. This series is one of the many examples in success essay as to how we would always cherish the sweet eighteen despite all the success essay assignments, deadlines, challenges, troubles, and whatnot.

Class of Lies – A Failure and Success Essay Example

If you are a fan of crime and suspense instead of romcoms, then Class of Lies is your thing. The lead character is a powerful lawyer who hasn’t lost a case until he had to solve a homicide case taking place in a high school. The case made him cost his repute. He decides to moonlight as a substitute teacher on paper in the school and conduct research on the case. He ends up learning that every student has something to hide. The twists in this spellbinding series are going to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Something About 1 Percent – Not Free from Attraction

If you are fond of dramas about mutual attraction, then this 2016 romance would entertain you. Lee Jae-In, the rich, arrogant protagonist heir, is forcibly engaged to a humble and kind school teacher, Da Da, as an arranged match by his grandfather. Yet he ends up developing actual feelings for his fiancée in the process. If you believe in love as a matter of destiny, then this series is sure to vow you.

Jumong – History Saga Essay Inspiration

For period drama loves, Jumong hits all the notes. This biographical drama depicts Jumong, a warrior princess’, adventures. From a cowardly boy living under the reign of a stepfather and half-brothers, Jumong learns to fight the odds, discover his true destiny and ultimately build the kingdom of Goguryeo with the help of Seo No, his love interest.

Mackerel Run – Surviving High School Challenges

One old but relevant Korean drama 2019, which you would find much relatable, is Mackerel Run. Cha Gong-chan is sport protégée who has entered in the most prestigious school in the district. But he discovers soon that without his sporting credentials to back him up, he is a nobody. He slacks off, but the entry of a beautiful girl as a new student makes him reassess his priorities. There are enough sweet, sappy topics, rivalries, demanding teachers, and competing priorities in this story to keep you hooked.

Prosecutor Princess – Personal Growth & Transition

In case you are looking for something a bit more mature than high school themes but light-hearted and fun, Cha Gong-chan then Prosecutor Princess is an excellent example. Ma Hye Ri is not your typical book nerd. She can ace her bar exams due to her photographic memory, but her heart is more into fashion and style than her career as a lawyer, which create workplace conflicts with peers and seniors. She learns to focus more on her career and eventually transforms into a responsible and successful prosecutor who impresses her critics.

Boys Over Flowers (or Rock, Paper, Scissors)

Based originally on a Japanese manga series, Boys Over Flowers revolves around the attraction between a rich teenage heir, Gu Jun Pyo, and a dry-cleaning store owner’s daughter, Geum Jan Di. Gu Jun Pyo runs an elitist gang, the F4, in the school, which terrorizes Jan Di because of her modest background. Gu Jun Pyo ends up falling in love with the very girl he bullies. But Jan Di finds herself torn between a friend and this attractive bully.

Who Are You: School 2015 – The Legacy Continues

If you are familiar with the school series Who Are You, this is its 2015 installment. The story revolves around two twins, Go Eun-Byul and Lee Eun-Bi, who got separated at birth. One grew up at an orphanage but is sensible and hardworking, while the other one grew up in the lap of luxury but is spoilt, nasty and self-centered. One unfortunate event forces them to exchange their places and maintain their appearances at any cost.

High school Korean drama may seem banal and childish to some, but there is no denying that they help the teenagers learn more about a culture different their own and open their minds to the values of diversity and acceptance.


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