Although it was introduced as a social media app that allows you to share photos seamlessly, Instagram didn’t take long to become a commercial platform where we can promote business, conduct sales, convert prospects. The platform became so competitive that some have started to buy followers Since it was acquired by Facebook, there have been a series of changes and updates that allowed Instagram to grow and bring new people and more business users. Some of these new features facilitated the generation of followers, while others made a posting, content editing, and interaction much easier.

Taking advantage of every new feature that comes out is essential for the enhancement of your audience pool, which influences your ability to communicate with a wider market and thus improve your business potential. Therefore, we have devised a list of most important Instagram updates in 2020 that you should know about.

Gift card stickers

During the COVID19 pandemics, most of the small business entities around the world were forced to close their doors and wait for the storm to break. However, one of the latest features that Instagram has provided for business users allows owners to engage their audience and help with maintaining a prospect for the future.

The new batch of Stories stickers includes Gift card stickers that you can put within your Story. These stickers allow viewers to buy a gift card or make an order without leaving the app. Moreover, your audience can now share your Story with their followers who could also purchase or order goods and services by clicking on the “Buy” button on your interactive stickers.

This feature is available within your Instagram Story stickers’ collection, so you can use them just like you would use any other in your gallery.

Profile page CTAs

Your profile page can now be used to drive more sales thanks to the introduction of a new set of Call to Action (CTA) buttons. Along with usual buttons that allow contact through phone calls or messages, there are now Gift cards, Donate, and Order Food buttons.

Unlike the Stories stickers, these buttons stay active on your profile page as long as you keep them there, so there’s no need to create new content in order to use these features.

Moreover, these types of enhancements are the best way to enhance the user experience because they make purchases and communication much easier.

DMs on desktop devices

Communication with your followers is what builds bonds and generates trust. Answering messages, replying to comments, these are all components of customer experience that can help your business grow. For a long time, the only way to send and reply to DM was through an Instagram mobile app while desktop devices were left out. However, one of the most significant updates in 2020 is the implementation of DM service for desktop platforms.

This means that if you use your PC to access the Instagram website, you will now be able to send and receive direct messages, just as if you were using a mobile app. All of the previous options, like liking and commenting, as well as other usability features, are left untacked. The importance of DMs for desktop is best explained through faster replies, which are important for audience engagement and the overall image of your brand.

Furthermore, typing using a physical keyboard is much faster, and there are fewer spelling errors. Besides, communicating with our followers while multitasking is much easier on a laptop than a tablet or mobile device.

Data download tool

The last days of March 2020 brought us a data download tool for Instagram, which is not so much a business-oriented feature as much as it focuses on personal Instagram engagement. It’s a simple addition to your Settings page, which allows you to download a comprehensive usage report with all your posts, interactions, and other data that shows your Instagram activity.

The benefits of this new addition are practical in nature because they allow us to understand why we see certain ads or suggested profiles. It gives us a discrete insight into the Instagram matrix, which we could use to improve our marketing efforts and plan our content strategy.

Live Q&A

Did you know that you can answer fans’ questions during a Live Q&A session? This update gives you a chance to interact with your audience in a fun and engaging manner, which is a good way to build a community and get more acquainted with your followers.

All it takes is publishing Instagram Story with questions stickers so that people could submit their inquiries. When the first questions start to roll in, you just click the Live Q&A button in the upper corner of your screen and start your session during which you can see each question and display it for your audience so those that turn in at a later moment would now what you’re addressing to.

Challenge Stickers

Social networks are filled with all sorts of viral content, but nothing spreads as fast as a good old social media challenge. From altruistic awareness raisers to bizarre teenage dares, challenge videos spread fast and have a high response rate. That’s why this new feature should be a part of your viral marketing endeavors.

When you’re posting your video via Instagram Stories, just insert Challenge sticker and tag the next person you wish to see publicly embarrassed. You can create your own challenge or take part in one of the existing popular events.


Instagram is popular for its constant updates and improvements because that’s what the users are expecting. As a business owner, one should always stay in touch with the latest additions because that’s the only way to stay ahead of the competition and keep the interest of the public for your brand. Avoiding popular features, apps, and trends means avoiding the current market, and that separates business from consumers.

We hope these few novelties will help you build a strong Instagram presence and grow your audience.