1. Prosecutor Princess

This is what I call the drama that did everything right! When it comes to law and crime, Korean dramas tend to do something unintelligible, but I think that this one did an excellent job, presenting every plot twist to the viewers in the most perfect of ways. Not to mention how strong was the chemistry between Park Si-Hoo and Kim So-Yeon. She is such an incredible actress, each time proving her versatility and flexibility in what she does. What about the soundtrack? It is the absolute killer of your hearts. I cannot imagine why this drama is so heavily underrated.

2. Oh My Ghost

This dorama was greeted with relative success, but why was there no more fuss around it? It has an incredibly interesting and unique storyline which will certainly leave you confused about lots of things, but this is a good type of confusion. This is a beautiful dorama with the heart-warming message about life, but in it, however, there was a place for both comedy and thriller.

3. Kill Me, Heal Me

This dorama was incredibly fun, and Ji Sung was amazing. So much so that he deserves all the awards, in my opinion. Despite the fact that the plot of the series was to some extent a dark line hanging gloomily in the background, it was still engaging because of its great cast. The work done by Ji Sung on these seven different personalities, which manifest themselves one after another and keep you on your toes, has been done excellently! The soundtrack is great as well. Be sure to add this one to your watch list.

4. What Happens to My Family?

Family dramas are not as popular abroad as in Korea. For example, this series has achieved a rating of 50%, which essentially means that half of the country watched the drama from the first broadcast. The country is small, yet 50% is still a lot. But somehow, it is essentially unknown outside of South Korea, which is a big shame. This drama is charming and beautiful. The plot tells about a father, who needs nothing but the happiness of his children. Children who are too busy with their own lives to pay attention to their dad. The chemistry between Yoo Dong-Geun, Kim Hyun-Joo, Yoon Park, Park Hyung-Sik is incredible. There is a mix of comedy and sadness, and it creates an excellent picture, a reflection of real life.

5. The Classic

This one tells the story of first love, starring Son Ye-Jin, Cho Jo In-sung, and Cho Seung-woo. A student named Ji-Hye falls in love with Sang-min, an undergraduate student. But Sang-min enjoys great popularity at the university, and all the girls idolize him. One day, when fixing his bed, Ji-Hye finds a box with all the letters that were left by his mother. By reading the letters, she learns about her first love. In the summer of 1968, Ji-Hye’s mother went to the village to visit his grandfather on his holiday and met there a boy named Joon-ha. Two fell in love with each other, but they had to leave each other behind.

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6. Pained

This is a great romantic film starring Kwon Sang-Woo. In this film, he plays Nam-Soon, a guy who is unable to feel pain. One day, he meets a girl named Dong Hyun (Jung Rye-Won) who is sick with hemophilia which is the complete opposite of Nam-Soon’s disease. The two fall in love with each other and go on a romantic journey where their differences are continuously checked.

7. More Than Blue

K and Cream know each other from school; they live together; they love the same things. And of course, they love each other. Sometimes they do not need words to understand what is happening with each other. But what should they do if the separation is approaching quickly and irreversibly? How far are they willing to go? Will they stay together. or will the circumstances be stronger? This is a long love story, a sad story.

8. Let’s Eat

I love food, so I would never miss a drama about food. Here, you get a whole cast of charming actors with excellent dynamics to them. Yoon Doo-Joon plays a somewhat silly, naive girl, but she isn’t annoying in this role. She’s a cutie. And then there is the cutest dog and funny colleagues of Lee Soo-Kyung. Despite the fact that the romance in the series is not so rosy, and even the elements of a thriller are present, you will fall in love with the characters and feel like a part of a big family! This drama is definitely worth to watch.

9. Geumul

Director Kim Ki-Duk has already addressed the topic of the feud of North and South Korea, but this time, he was at his boldest. The protagonist is a poor fisherman who got carried away by the stream during fishing from North Korea to South Korea. There, they are waiting for him with open arms and begin to show him the beauty of the bourgeois world, in the meantime arranging him interrogations and torture to make sure that he is not a spy. And when he returns home to his family, about the same thing awaits him in North Korea. The parable is very simple, but it convincingly shows the non-conformist position of Kim Ki-Duk and his humanistic pathos which has always been at the center of his works.

10. Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance

When the people saw Oldboy, everyone wondered what else could they watch from one of the most talented Korean directors, Park Chan-Wook. And it quickly became known that this film is part of a trilogy about revenge, the first part of which was released in the west as Sympathy for Mr. Revenge. An incredibly cruel and absurd story where everyone tortures and kills each other commits suicide, or dies as a result of an accident. The fans were delighted and patiently waited for the third film of the same series; it was called Sympathy for Mrs. Revenge.

11. Secret Garden

Kim Joo-Won, a young business director, was used to getting everything he wants (because his dad is also a big businessman). Gil Ra-Im is a girl from a poor family that has achieved everything herself. There could have been just a good love story, but it gets a lot more intricate – young people suddenly trade their bodies.