Instagram is an excellent social media platform to connect with the world. It also allows you to start a business or grow an existing brand. The good news is that many entrepreneurs have realized Instagram’s potential to establish and grow a business.

If your target customers are in the age group of 12 to 35 years, Instagram is an excellent place to reach them. Nowadays Instagram is more effective than Facebook and Twitter to start a business.

Start a business using Instagram

As a modern entrepreneur, you know that using Instagram to start a business is an utterly brilliant idea. The social network not only makes your brand accessible to millions of your potential customers but managing your Instagram marketing is also fairly easy.

Like any business, you need a comprehensive plan to start a business on Instagram. Second, you have to create your business Instagram profile. Be sure to add a good bio and profile picture.

The most important of all aspects of your Instagram business is the posts you make and content you share. Quality content is the key for businesses to succeed here because Instagram users consume content, and that is what spurs them to buy your product or service. It is also good to tap into the influencer market to boost your Instagram business.

Engaging with your targeted audience is another vital element of developing your brand on Instagram. Your followers want you to be active. You must respond to their queries, fulfill their requests, provide information, answer their questions, and resolve their complaints. Connecting with your audience will also give you a sneak peek into their needs, so you can try to meet those needs with your product or service.

Benefits of social media for businesses

There are multiple benefits of using social media platforms for businesses, such as:

  • Increased brand awareness – Social media offers businesses a chance to reach more people and create brand awareness. As long as brands create their profiles and start sharing their stuff with the right audience, they get better customer responses in return and, obviously, more sales.
  • Cost-effective – The use of social media for businesses is quite cost-effective, where you’re not required to spend thousands of dollars on the advertisements. These platforms are free to use and allow you to run affordable ads to get your message to even more people.
  • Customer support and satisfaction – Social media networks give customers direct access to your business. As such, you can use it as a customer support tool to boost customer experience. Having your customer service reps on social media can help establish and nurture customer loyalty.

What Instagram growth service to use

While Instagram offers opportunities to start a business, getting more Instagram followers quickly is quite a difficult task. This is where SimplyGram, an Instagram growth service, can help you out. SimplyGram uses effective growth strategies to draw your target audience to your Instagram profile organically.

SimplyGram is a trusted Instagram growth service that helps grow your Instagram account rapidly and acquire more brand recognition. The organic growth service can increase brand awareness, which ultimately results in more sales.

Be sure, however, to avoid services that sell Instagram followers. These are not social media marketing services but bot farms that will do more harm than good to your Instagram account and business. The followers you get from them are fake and their methods violate Instagram’s terms of service.


Instagram is a great virtual market to start a new business. It is easy and cost-effective to start a niche-specific business on Instagram and grow it within a limited period with the help of organic Instagram growth services like SimplyGram.