It is the drama in which Kim Hyun Joong, the former South Korean actor, and singer from the SS501 group, will return to the screens after four years, his latest drama was “Inspiring Generation” on 2014, Kim Hyun Joong declared that he is part of the cast of the K-drama “When Time Stops“, a fantastic romance drama that will have 12 episodes.


“When Time Stops” tells the story of a man named Moon Joon Woo (Kim Hyun Joong), who possesses the peculiar ability to paralyze time, everything and everyone stops, with him being able to come and go regardless of the passage of time. Due to his ability, Moon Joon Woo lives an absolute solitary life, until he gets to know a woman named Kim Sun Ah (Ahn Ji Hyun), who owns a three-story building she inherited from her father, with Joon Woo as her newest inquiline. Soon the everyday routine Joon Woo has build comes apart when his actual landlady, the curious and hard worker Kim Sun Ah, finds herself in a trouble that requires the use of Joon Woo’s special ability to save her, but things don’t go the usual way, this time not everyone stops… Kim Sun Ah is now aware of Moon Joon Woo particular skill.


Kim Hyun Joong as Moon Joon Woo

Moon Joon Woo is a mysterious man, with the special capacity to stop time, everything and everyone stops but him, with this ability he robs important artworks, without ever getting caught, his reasons or motivations are still unknown, a man with no friends, close acquaintances or relatives. But with a sense of right and wrong as can be seen when he stops time to save his landlady, Kim Sun Ah.

Ahn Ji Hyun as Kim Sun Ah

Kim Sun Ah is the young landlady of the building where Moon Joon Woo lives, she keeps the building as a reminder of her father and works hard to keep it, she has a childish personality and finds it difficult to increase the rent of her renters who already know her lack of character and do everything possible to avoid her. She aspires to be a writer of fantasy stories, her curiosity and imagination soar over when she realizes her enigmatic new renter possesses an unnatural ability over which only she is immune.


In Gyo Jin as a senior reaper

The reaper’s name or past is yet to be revealed, as a reaper his job is to capture people with godly abilities (Like Moon Joon Woo’s), even though reapers are not supposed to remember who they were before being reapers, this character has shown to have a conscience and feels guilt for what he does.


The Drama so far…

First things first. Welcome back Kim Hyun Joong !! I know, I know, I know there have been so many controversies and scandals surrounding this man, but, jeez, give him a break!

I don’t know if they made it on purpose, but, Kim Hyun Joong’s first line seems to be a welcome for him, just check it out…

So yes he is back and ready for more! of course, as glad as I am for his return, I will review this drama as impartially as I can, and the first two episodes had a terribly low audience of just 0,1 %, which is quite sad for the first episodes of a new drama and the return of an actor.

Our main male lead appears in the middle of an important cultural event, a very important piece of art was found and is going to be presented to the world… except that it won’t, a mysterious man appears when time is stopped, he is the only one that can move and the one aware of what is going on, this is Moon Joon Woo, a man with the power to stop time, while at it, he robs the painting and lets time go only when he is too far to get caught with the item he just stole.

Joon Woo seems to have a partnership of sorts with his previous landlord who not only is aware of everything Joon Woo robs but he also keeps every item in his home, what he doesn’t seem to know is about Joon Woo’s special ability, however, I’m sure we’ll know more about this character in the future.

then we go to meet our female lead, this is Kim Sun Ah, a young woman, whose sole purpose in life is to work to keep the building she inherited from her father, even when she is crashing from her father’s debts, she has at least three different jobs and dreams of being a fantasy writer (nothing better for that but to meet a fantasy-like person right?).


Unfortunately, all of Sun Ah’s hard work is not enough for the collector of her father’s debt, forcing her to look for a new inquiline, where she meets Moon Joon Woo, who is interested in renting the basement of her building since he works better in a place with little or no light, which leads Sun Ah, to some very funny guesses of what does her new occupant does for a living. Obviously, none of her guesses were correct (where would the drama be then?).

Sadly, not even renting her basement is enough to pay her father’s debt with all the interest which leads Sun Ah to do extra job while being exhausted, resulting in what could have been a disastrous accident for our female protagonist, had she not been rescued by Joon Woo, and it is here where it is intertwined the fate of these two characters: Joon Woo discovers, to his infinite surprise, that Sun Ah is immune to his power and can moves and be aware of his presence when time is stops.

A third party…

The reapers, these man and woman are in charge of hunting those with godly power as they were not supposed to exist, their origin is an enigma, the man (spirit?, deity?) that leads them is an enigma, to be honest even the explanation for the  existence of people like Moon Joon Woo sounded unsatisfactory, this is a fantasy but even in fantasy stories there must be logic to the plot. Perhaps I’m being too demanding for the first episodes but is good to have a good start, right?, considering these are going (apparently) to be the great villains of this story I expect more from these people.

In resume, the first episodes were lacking for me in some ways, some argument gaps, still, nothing you can not fix soon since the drama had just begun. I’ll keep in touch and hopefully, this drama will open the doors to more opportunities for Kim Hyun Joong.