Fax is an essential tool that’s mainly used in the world of business. The tool has been in existence for many years send office memos, company correspondence, and many other important documents used in business transactions. In the past, the use of fax machines easily overtook the usage of snail mail. However, today, many businesses have adopted the current technology. Fax machines are now known as online fax or internet faxing, and snail has become email.

Currently, most of the businesses have embraced the new technology and switched to internet faxing. Besides communication becoming fast with modern technology, internet faxing saves you money and time. Unlike conventional fax, you can send and receive online faxes through your email, which makes it more private and secure.

If you are still using fax machines to meet the communication needs of your small business, some new security measures have been put in place to analyze businesses that typically work with individually identifiable information.

That means that small business owners need to consider switching to the modern solutions available like internet faxing. Like other businesses planning to move to online faxing, there are many things to consider before you switch. This blog post will highlight the major risks of utilizing fax machines and provide you with some insights into why it is safer for small businesses to fax online.

1. Lack of encryption

Many fax machines still send and receive business faxes using analog lines that cannot be encrypted, which leaves them open to many attacks. Since fax technology is fast evolving and is becoming a vital component of the digital workflow, businesses should adapt to other alternative solutions to prevent such risks. Internet faxing, such as the Gmail fax solution, for example, provides small businesses with enhanced security that assists in minimizing these security risks.

2. Human error

According to eFax, one of the major challenges that many small businesses encounter in their daily operations is the need to protect their fax communications. When securing your business’s confidential data, the biggest risk you face is human error. For the establishments using faxing machines, it only takes one wrong misdial or any other human error to bring about a data breach, especially when the business documents land in the wrong hands.

3. Unauthorized access to business confidential documents

The other big concern for the businesses that utilize fax machines in business communications is unauthorized access to business confidential documents. While many small businesses have some operational protocols that typically define the guidelines on how to operate and use fax machines, and the individuals who have access to the fax machines, some company employees do not adhere to these rules. That means that people with unauthorized access could comfortably look as the fax machines receive confidential documents. People could also take some documents they are not authorized to access.

Back then, that was not a problem unless there was an unauthorized purpose or malicious intent behind such actions. Today, however, with stringent regulations, any form of unauthorized access to business data or documents is considered a breach under the current regulations. Online faxing provides you with enhanced security in all your fax data transmissions, which allows you to protect your customers, clients, employees, and business against any risks that can cause data security compliance problems.

4. Hacking risks

Most people assume that a fax machine cannot get hacked like emails or computers. In reality, fax machine security is lacking, particularly in small and medium businesses that do not invest considerably in systems that are quite secure. That’s because of the fax transmission protocols that remain unchanged, which continually make the fax machine technologies prone to hacking.

Also, many small businesses utilize all-in-one fax machines to connect to other IT systems. For instance, the email to fax option is one of the common ways that your entire can become compromised. This option presents serious susceptibilities in the transmission procedures of all-in-one machines.

Keeping all your business faxes, you have in storage and in transmission secure from attacks is a priority. Internet or online security faxing utilizes the most advanced encryption and security protocols to protect the most sensitive documents in your business processes. That is especially important if your business operates in one of the highly regulated sectors where you have to comply with the set regulations, and you require advanced protection.

Switching to internet faxing

Since faxing is still an important part of communication in many businesses today, you can make it more secure by switching to technology rather than using conventional fax machines that do not contain the vital layer of security needed in the modern-day digital era. Contrary to the belief, small business owners do not have to eliminate faxing entirely in their business communications. You can continue using faxes to send and receive business documents in digital form using internet faxing solutions.

In the beginning, switching to online faxing might seem quite intimidating for small- and medium-sized enterprises, but just like any other digital solution, the process is pretty easy, and you can seamlessly apply the current security measures that ensure safe faxing. There are many internet faxing services out there that offer full connectivity and advanced encryption that enables you to receive and send faxes using email.


Technology is rapidly evolving in every business industry, and small businesses should quickly adapt and switch to more efficient and safe solutions to improve their business operations and overall productivity. One of the major business operations where many small businesses are lagging in implementing new technologies is faxing. Switching from the analog fax machines to using digital internet faxing is an excellent option for every business in this digital era.

Internet faxing enables you to send and receive business documents from any place using a tablet, smartphone, or computer. You don’t need to use a fax machine at all. Online faxing service provides a wide array of internet faxing features such as electronic signature, large file sharing, online fax storage, and online file sharing to suit your business communication needs. When searching for an online faxing service provider, be sure to select the right internet faxing service that will best suit the needs of your small business.