Korean Drama

Korean Dramas seem to have come out of nowhere as one of the most popular genres on television. All over the world, people are turning to popular Kdrama shows, made in the Korean language and sometimes dubbed over in English and other languages, and it’s interesting to see one particular audience go wild for these shows, including the UK.

Students have been a driving factor in the worldwide phenomenon of “Korean Wave.” This is a subculture that has picked up steam across the Western world, with popular TV streaming platforms like Netflix picking up Korean dramas and shows.

Why People Love Good Korean Dramas

Students love Korean drama. The root of this popularity arguably goes back to the days of Gangnam Style, the song by Psy that became a huge hit on YouTube and later in the charts all over the world. Today, students have gone all-in on the Korean Wave for a number of reasons.

First of all, it’s obvious that people like how great all the characters look. Korean dramas take extra care to ensure everyone looks amazing. Just seeing these people lifts your spirits, and makes you feel like you can conquer the world. Aspiration students see something they want to be in their shows, which gives them an important boost in their studies. They may want to get healthier, to take better care of their appearance, or even look for help for students on thesis writing. Asian dramas really are so powerful that students look for the best Ph.D. thesis writing service to help them get ahead and be as successful as their favorite Korean stars.

Good Korean dramas also have a cultural and educational appeal to students. When you watch these foreign shows, it’s easy to learn about how their culture works. Korean culture is so vastly different from American and European culture, which is why it has become something of an intrigue for people to watch. Just seeing how people live their everyday lives, their mannerisms, and the things they do at work becomes an educational experience as well as an entertaining one.

Interestingly, people might also notice that Korean dramas are significantly less raunchy and provocative than Western shows. It’s another reason why people are attracted to the shows. It is unlikely that viewers will hear the rude language, see very much violence, or have to sit through uncomfortable sex scenes. They’re the perfect shows for relaxing and watching at the end of a long day studying.

The Best Korean Dramas on Netflix

Netflix is an example of the biggest and most popular online TV streaming platform, has taken the plunge and started offering a variety of Kdramas for its viewers. Some of the best Korean dramas available on Netflix include Kingdom, Love Alarm, Strong Girl Bong-soon, Mr. Sunshine, and Boys Over Flowers.

However, if you are looking for Korean dramas ratings, then you will want to look at websites outside of Netflix. Some years ago, Netflix changed the way it rated its shows to a percentage relevant to your personal watching habits. If you want to know the ratings and reviews for a show, there are plenty of websites out there that offer this.

Furthermore, it is important to realize that Netflix is always changing the shows it offers. By the time you read this, the popular Kdrama shows on their site may well have changed.

The Korean Cultural Revolution!

So why is Kpop so popular with students, and why are more people than ever tuning into Korean dramas? It probably says a lot about the kind of content they are used to consuming and a change in the market. While Western dramas continue providing sexualized shows, violence, and swearing, customers are turning away and looking for something more wholesome. Right now, that means people are tuning into Kdramas and even Kpop music to get a fix of something completely different.

That means you are likely to come across a wide range of these shows on your chosen online TV streaming service in the near future. It also means that you are likely to see shows and movies developed by Western production companies that take the aesthetic and cultural styles of Kdrama into account. Watch this space!