The pandemic came, and most businesses met its total lockdown unready. These days, the lack of needed automation and established remote work processes is still the #1 reason businesses fail in the competition.

The new survival principle is simple, ‘Digitalize or die.’ It doesn’t matter where you live — in the USA, Canada, Mexico, or India — this rule works the same for all. And we have no choice but to go online.

In this post, we’ll explain why it’s better to refer to a third-party agency if you’re in the search for an application developer.

3 main ways how a hired developer will help you

A third-party web developer is a true expert

The specialist who dedicated several years to gain knowledge of web or mobile development is surely better than a newbie in the field. Finding such talent is hard, though: a professional web developer doesn’t sit idle these days. Unfortunately, a significant part of his working schedule is spent on fixing the mistakes the previous “expert in software development” made.

That’s why we recommend hiring a company that has vast experience in software development from the very beginning. This decision is always better than searching for a “quick fix” from a person who decided to offer this service and catch the hype train.

A hired web developer will accelerate your business growth

The main task of an invited developer is to help build a new vision for your business. A true professional recognizes that offline and online work under different rules. Even if you have already automated some of the business processes and operations, you will end in deadlock, sooner or later. In the given circumstances, the application developer’s consultation will help you see your growth area.

That’s how a hired specialist in software development can help you enjoy the full package of digitalization benefits.

True software development service improves your internal operations

One of the non-obvious advantages of any software development is bringing good to your business processes. It aims to optimize workflow specialization, introduce new development talents into the team, and provide added productivity on all the business levels.

Once you hire developer, expect him/her to see your routine processes from a bird-eye view. Because of that, you can see how better your business works in the market and as an organization.

How a developer from LemApp can help you

If you’re in search of a web developer or a specialist in mobile development, our experts LemApp are eager to help you. Contact us and enjoy our guarantee of expertise and dedication to your project.

Our software development reaches 7 milestones:

  1. Create a more effective vision of your product or service,
  2. Deliver expertise on software development to your team,
  3. Complete your MVP strategy,
  4. Enable the scalability of your business,
  5. Add (if needed) new specialties to your development team,
  6. Introduce new software solutions to your service,
  7. Provide a sustainable basis for long-term development.

Who we are

We‘re LempApp, a tech company from Kyiv, Ukraine. We assist startups and already established companies in incorporating brand-new technologies. With our help, firms enhance their internal processes and become more competitive in the global market.

We support companies with the list of following solutions:

  • Hire a single developer or an entire dedicated team,
  • Cover the complete IT project or specific roles in it: UI/UX design, front-end, back-end coding solutions, etc.
  • Provide complete digitalization or introduce a particular technology: Artificial Intelligence, ERP systems, CRM systems, etc.
  • Elaborate an MVP product, etc.

If you need a technological solution to survive in this perpetual Coronavirus crisis, contact our team and let us help you find the developer you need!